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Pailung machine is good option for knitters to swell productivity and profitability

Pailung Machinery Mill Co. Ltd. is one of the leading knitting technology and solution provider in the world. They have a huge variety of machines for the knitters. Pailungs’ yearly turn-over is around USD 62.5 million and in Bangladesh, they have almost 30% market share. More than 6000 Pailung machines are installed here in Bangladesh.

Vincent Fang Pailung
Figure 1: Vincent Fang, Sales Deputy Manager of Pailung.

Recently Textile Today Team had a conversation with Vincent Fang, Sales Deputy Manager of Pailung and Haroon Ur Rashid, CEO of Tex Excellence Limited (Bangladeshi agent of Pailung) about how Pailung is operating in Bangladesh and what more they are going to offer Bangladeshi manufacturers.

Textile Today: Please update us on Pailung current status.

Vincent: As you know that we have started our glorious journey from 1977. Right now our machines are available in 72 countries through over 35 agents. Pailung has around 200 types of machines where Bangladeshi manufacturers have more than 5 popular types of machinery.

We have collaboration with many brands to create supreme quality fabrics. In 2009, Pailung acquired the historic Vanguard Supreme Machinery Company, thus Vanguard Pailung was formed. With over 80 knitting machine variations, and 6,000 fabric options, Pailung not only offers a very wide range of product but has also developed an experience that is uniquely customizable based on each client’s need.

Textile Today: How is Pailung supporting the brands and manufacturers with its technology?

Vincent: At Pailung our goal is to help brands, designers and manufacturers to develop innovative fabric technologies that will boldly transform end results.

We have ‘Open Innovation lab’ (OIL) platform which differentiates Pailung from others. The core objective of this OIL is to find the solutions of most challenging textile problems. If any of our customers comes with any new idea we try to materialize the idea here in OIL.

Giant brands like Nike, Adidas, Under Armour and their key suppliers share their ideas with us and we develop fabrics together which may come in the market 10 years later! This is how we actually support and work with brands, designers, and manufacturers.

We not only collaborate with our clients to build better knitting machines, but also build and ship them faster, allowing us to keep pace with our client’s most challenging needs and aspirations.

Textile Today: How is Pailung contributing to Bangladesh knitting sector to meet the profitability crisis?

Haroon Ur Rashid: It is true that profit margin in the knitting sector is very tight, but still there are many ways I think to placate this situation. As I am a technology provider, I can say that Pailung knitting machine is a very good option for the knitters. Because it is feasible in every way.

Pailung machine
Figure 2: Pailung machine installed at Palmal Group.

We also help the factories by providing technological solutions. We provide customized coarse gauge machine to produce sweater like fabric to DBL Group, a renowned textile business entity in Bangladesh. Other than DBL, N.R. Group has a huge quantity of Pailung machinery, Palmal Groups’ 80% knitting machine is Pailung, Metro Knitting & Dyeing Mills Ltd also has a good number of Pailung machines.

As of my experience, usually, owners are not much focused on the knitting section rather they are more focused on garments sections. Though, the scenario is changing as the industry is entering into the third generation. So, it is high time to look into this sector if we really want to secure profitability.

Textile Today: Does Pailung has any intensive plan to support the Bangladeshi manufacturers in the future?

Vincent: Service and know-how is our main strength. Quick sales service and right feedback for a solution are more important than providing technology. We also have the plan to give some facility like technical training facility to enhance the efficiency and make people familiar with the new technology.

Haroon Ur Rashid: As we are the sole agent of Pailung in Bangladesh, we want to introduce more new technology of Pailung in Bangladesh. As Vincent already mentioned in the answer to the first question, in Bangladesh, more types of machinery are available among 200 types machine of Pailung. We are also committed to giving the best service.

Textile Today: What are the major innovations Pailung going to bring in ITMA 2019?

Vincent: Pailung always the pioneer in the innovation of machine and fabrics. And we all know that ITMA is the biggest trendsetting textile machine and technology platform where the industry converges every four years to explore fresh ideas, effective solutions and collaborative partnerships for business growth.

From Pailung we also have some groundbreaking innovations that I’m not revealing everything right now (Vincent smiling).

We are going to bring the advanced industry 4.0 concept in knitting application, uneven spacer fabric (usually spacer fabric edges are even), 3 layers fabric to replace part of the laminated skill in current activewear, Quadro fabric (lycra will stretch in four-way), spacer mesh fabric in sports shoe upper and many more. All are welcomed at ITMA 2019 to visit our stall and experience the best innovations in knitting!

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