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Pakiza Knit is exceptional for its strong backward linkages and value additions

Pakiza Knit Composite Ltd (PKCL), world-class knitted garments manufacturing giant is putting an eye-catching sign in RMG arena for many years. Established in 1982, Pakiza Group is flourishing with quality and commitment to its clients consistently.

Pakiza knit

By following proper business strategy, day by day this company is exploring to reach the skyscraper. Joheb Rashid, CEO of Pakiza Knit Group and a successful entrepreneur shared his fruitful knowledge on their journey, present garments business, branding and so on with Textile Today. Here is the glimpse for the readers written based on the CEO’s narrations.

From the very beginning and till now, Pakiza is fulfilling the local market demand. In this continuity through their performance and feedback from the public, gradually they have expanded over time and started new ventures including knit Composite in Savar and yarn dyeing, all over printing in Narshingdi.

Basically, the production of Pakiza Knit Composite has been started since 2014 with garments unit. At first, this factory started their export journey with 7 sewing lines. Now they are working with 34 lines of production from 7 lines.

Pakiza products

Pakiza is a unique and reliable name in local print sarees, lungi, and bed sheet arena. There are a total of 10 sister concerns in the group. PKCL never compromises with the quality and drives timely production. For this reason, Pakiza knit group has achieved quickly Accord, GOTS, Sedex, ISO 9001-2015, BSCI, Oeko-Tex, etc certification to play a commendable role in the export sector.

Joheb Rashid said, “We have come to the export business after the tragic Rana Plaza accident. So, we had to go through hurdles time in the business regarding compliance, building security issue and everything.”

“From the beginning, we have brought improvement to the fabric site to fight in the competitive market sharply. Right now, we have strong backward linkage included spinning, yarn dyeing, AOP, knitting, fabric dyeing, placement print, embroidery which is slowly boosting our financial growth,” Joheb Rashid added.

Company profile

R&D is the demandable department lately. The buyer wants if local companies make a lot of innovative products through rich R&D and offer them. Pakiza’s special R&D team is working hard keeping in mind this issue.

Around 10% of the designs and styles of Pakiza are selected. Thereby, the company is ahead in the price negotiation term. The company’s maximum buyers are Europe based. Currently, they are associated with renowned buyers like Newyorker, NKD, DPam, PEP & CO, OVS, Intersports.

Pakiza believes in zero-tolerance policy from the point of view of quality, so they started a business with a Japanese buyer known as a strict quality conscious and maintainer. The current annual turnover of the organization is 25 million US Dollar while they have set a plan to achieve 50 million US Dollar within the next year.

Pakiza makes 60% ladies, 30% of children wear, and 10% man’s knit item. Single jersey, rib, interlock, fleece terry, etc are being made in-house. Pakiza’s another strongest point is to make viscose products with modern sunforizing m/c by maintaining total quality.

Their production capacity is 1.5 million pcs for garments, 300 tons fabric for knitting, 650 tons fabric for dyeing per month. For ensuring better quality, they adopt the latest eco-friendly techniques.

World-class machines like Juki, Pegasus, Brother, Sclavos, Bruckner, Ferraro, and Mayer & Cie are installed here to ensure flawless goods production. They focus on fancy item making.

“Styles are changed frequently and the concerns can handle easily and used to cope with the season to season changing these styles. Pakiza is a bit ahead than others to create value-added items.”

Proper execution and team building

They have talented merchandising, IE and planning departments who plan, manage and execute intelligence operations during production as a team. They are strongly following T&A to give quick sample support with better lead time. That’s why; buyers can easily take decision by getting a quick sample.

Due to strong spinning back-up, the factory’s total procedure can be finished within a short period. Authority is always highly interested to take the challenge to make new kind of products.

Pakiza strives to stay with every developing production technology and always changing fashion and they handle all process easily in every step. They run outsourcing marketing like Turkey, Vietnam to give better support to the customers.

Thoughts about branding

“After the incident of Rana Plaza collapse and Tazreen fire, the country’s garment industry has come out the image crisis. Many advanced factories have already been developed in the country. However, there is no alternative to branding ourselves to showcase the industry to the world,” said Rashid.

Pakiza Knit Composite

He informed, “We have attended a fair recently at Apparel Sourcing week to highlight Pakiza’s activities. We suppose to visit the Texworld fair in Paris on September. Our millers should present the product strengths in fairs and tempt the buyer to invest more.”

“Coming out from the traditional shell, we will have to go towards value addition and innovation has to be accepted. If Morocco, Turkey or Cambodia can make fancy items, why cannot we?”

Country’s producers should give priority on the technical site as well to improve FOB and also to present a shiny future of RMG, he concluded.

Joheb Rashid Pakiza Knit Group
Figure: Joheb Rashid, CEO of Pakiza Knit Group.
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