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Partnership between Hugo Boss and Canopy to protect endangered forests

Hugo Boss will be a new partner of the nonprofit environmental organization Canopy through its choice of packaging paper and cardboard and the use of such as viscose, which is critical to the protection of ancient and endangered forests worldwide.

The collaboration will raise awareness about forest conservation, shape the long-term complex timber supply chain and work with suppliers, as well as create next-generation solutions.

partnership between hugo boss and canopy
Figure: The collaboration will raise awareness about forest conservation, shape the long-term complex timber supply chain and work with suppliers, as well as create next-generation solutions.

As we know, our forests are very important for people, environment and animals. They conserve global water and biosphere, protect the climate and maintain biodiversity.

The group, which also includes Scotch & Soda and Spinnova, have committed to end sourcing paper, packaging, and viscose textiles from the world’s ancient and endangered forests and to scale up the use of Next Generation alternatives through joining the Canopy Style and Pack4Good initiatives.

The initiatives are focused on transforming the fashion and packaging supply chains, shifting them away from sourcing from the world’s most important forests and scaling climate-friendly Next Generation Solutions.

Canopy’s founder and executive director says, “Turning around the current climate reality and biodiversity decline is an enormous challenge and protecting the world’s forests is the fastest, most effective, and cost-efficient strategy to do it.”

Besides that, they are so encouraged and inspired to work with these leading brands and innovators who are doubling down to build supply chains for the 21st century and ensure that the world’s forests remain vibrant.

Andreas Streubig, senior vice president global corporate responsibility and public affairs at Hugo Boss, stated, “At Hugo Boss, we are committed to sustainability, and understand that forests have a vital role to play in stabilising our climate and keeping our planet livable.”

“Canopy has made exciting progress on addressing key sourcing risks in the viscose and packaging supply chains. Hugo Boss is delighted to add our voice and influence to the collaborative and effective approaches of CanopyStyle and Pack4Good,” he added.

“The Etam Group is committed to making decisions that show respect for our planet. That’s why we are pleased to be collaborating with Canopy to ensure the sustainability of our forest-derived products, from the viscose used in our products to the paper and cardboard in our packaging,” says Kachen Hong, The Etam Group CSR director.

Kachen Hong also said, “We know that forests are integral to keeping our planet’s climate stable, and to the millions of species and people who live in them, and we are eager to do our part to help protect them.”

One of the main priorities of Canopy’s work with brands is game-changing which will help in the production of accelerated commercial scale of next generation solutions.

In the meantime, as market demand for round-the-clock alternatives intensifies, four additional next-generation innovators have joined hands with brand new partners.

The initiatives of this technology are creating groundbreaking production innovations to reduce today’s sourcing pressures on vital forests.

In addition to Hugo Boss, Atom, Scotch & Soda and Spinnova. With them new members are Bastcore, Chaser, The Hurd Co, The IDEPS GmbH and Saltwater Lux.



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