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i-Plating gives inverse-plating capabilities

This year, Shima Seiki USA featured a bit of writing highlighting “i-Plating” capabilities on its SVR knitting machines.

The “i” stands for inverse (reverse) and is an adjunct that you can increase an SVR or N.SVR machine. Adding this permits for inverse-plating capabilities where different yarns are often shown alternately on the fabric surface for a jacquard-like effect during a plain jersey stitch.

The i-Plating flat knitting techniques, Shima Seiki USA has unveiled a replacement collection highlighting the probabilities of this technical innovation.

This can be performed within the same course and for each needle, so it’s greater knitting efficiency and expanded capability when it involves designs. Using i-plating, Shima Seiki says you’ll now achieve highly textured/uneven surfaces by combining specific yarns.

With warmer weather on the horizon, the most recent collection includes lightweight patterned knits suitable for warmer seasons, particularly the Jacket/Cardigan style or Long-cardigans.

The sample shown above could also be a lightweight spring Cardigan or the long Cardigan knit on the SVR123SPSV machine during a 14gg texture. The style: I2225S009 uses two systems Knit for I-Plating to increase knitting efficiency.

The second sample (pictured right) is a lightweight spring Cardigan or long cardigan also knit on the SVR123SPSV machine but in a 14G texture. The style: I2267S00F uses a patchwork-like fabric combining inverse plating, intarsia, and back stitches.

The outcome could also be a skinny, sheer, and lightweight fabric suitable for warmer seasons. Inverse plating can increase knitting efficiency by about 80% and reduce weight by the utmost amount of 50% compared to tubular jacquard.

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