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Post Covid-19 fashion trends for protective and functional

The Covid-19 pandemic is surely going to create a shift in the fashion industry. Also, an economic slowdown been speculated and analyzed for the better part of 2019 the Covid-19 pandemic is only fueling the fire.

This slowdown has and will have many adverse effects on the fashion industry. History teaches that political and economic fluctuations have had steep effects on what people wear.

Britain London Fashion A/W Fashion Scout
Figure: Gerda Liudvinaviciute, Ingrida Jasinske, and Ruta Petrauskaite, from Lithuania, wear face masks and kARTu clothing during the show by designers Fashion Scout, part of the Autumn/Winter 2020 fashion week, at the Victoria House, Bloomsbury, London. Courtesy: Isabel Infantes/PA via AP

The Great Depression brought about the motto of reuse and rehash in an attempt to curb waste. And designers agree that there will be noteworthy changes in the way the industry works.

The new designs coming to the marketplace will emerge from a place of ‘introspection and a new sensitivity towards the resources, crafts, local weather, and seasonal patterns,” says K Radharaman of House of Angadi, which is a curated handloom saree destination from the oldest silk family of India.

“This is all good, and will pave the path for unique style statements to emerge from various parts of the world, rather than the cloning of certain styles that were on the rise due to social media and unchecked consumerism,” he added.

Much like in 2007, after the recession, protective wears and functional property designs will be on-demand amid COVID-19. For example, once-forgotten gloves are post Covid-19 era’s most potent style weapons after the universal masks. And labels like Saint Laurent, Gucci and Balmain have reimagined gloves in PVC avatars seen on the likes of Kim Kardashian West.

While business remains adversely affected, the pandemic has come with an opportunity to pause, think and re-evaluate.

says Hemant Sagar of Lecoanet Hemant

Designer Aniket Satam observes that gloves re-emerge as a protective gear. The material will be of utmost importance as the leather won’t work given today’s climatic condition, nor do fancy lace would serve any purpose. Material innovation and modern engineering would be the core foundation of new designs. Think latex, PVC and rubber as the new desired materials.

Celebrities and fashion influencers have been showing off their gloves during coronavirus lockdowns and this is going to stay post the COVID-19 era. Antibacterial gloves that hypoallergenic, environment-friendly would come in a variety of materials and styles.

Stylist Sukriti Grover perceives that designers will have to bring protection, comfort and cheerfulness to the consumers.

The new generation has also upended the old rules about when, where, and how gloves should be worn before we were hit by the pandemic. Gloves, whether for protection or self-expression, are having a moment amid coronavirus.

Designer Anjul Bhandari feels that reuse is the name of the game for the next year or so. People will want to continue to invest in things they can hold on to forever, that they can pull out of their closets and wear over and over.

“While business remains adversely affected, the pandemic has come with an opportunity to pause, think and re-evaluate,” says Hemant Sagar of Lecoanet Hemant.

One of the most vital weapons during these trying times is the surgical mask, and designer Falguni of Falguni Shane Peacock feels that of the many trends that are foreseen.

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