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Prashant Group: Excellence in weaving preparatory

Prashant Group is a leading globally operating technology company based in India since 1975, focusing on innovations and manufacture complete solutions for weaving preparatory needs for any textile application. We work as a partner with customers around the World, providing smart solutions to help our clients achieve their business objectives.

Figure 1: Prashant Group is a leading globally operating technology company.

Co-operations with leading European manufacturer Gamatex s.r.l and Ferber s.r.l, Italy and American textile machine manufacturer West Point, USA brings an edge in updated technology.

Our product range includes:

  • High speed fully automatic sectional warping machine with three-axis robotics technology, laser technology
  • Fully automatic sizing machine
  • The sustainable solution of Indigo slasher and rope dyeing ranges with innovative nitrogen technology
  • Material handling instruments with automated logistics in weaving preparatory department loom shed and storage department, high tech fabric inspection machine with fully automatic conveyor system
  • Narrow width fabric machinery

Prashant Group is a one-stop solution for complete weaving preparatory solution and serves the customers with regional sales and service teams across India and export to more than 50 countries around the world with widespread agent networks.

Figure 2: The indigo sheet dyeing and rope dyeing from Prashant Group based on innovative nitrogen technology.

Starting from sectional warping, direct warper, sizing machine for spun and filament yarn, various creels, specialized machine for technical textiles, heavy-duty warper with specialized creel for PP and HDPE tapes, sustainable solution in indigo sheet and rope dyeing ranges, motorized and manual beam handling systems, inspection and packaging machine, and beam storage system is part of Prashant’s portfolio.

The three words that define Prashant Group are consumer-centric, growth-oriented and innovative. Prashant Group boasts of providing excellent after-sales services to its customers.

The indigo sheet dyeing and rope dyeing from Prashant Group based on innovative nitrogen technology. The sustainable green technology in dyeing ranges offers

  • Deeper shades with less no of dyeing tanks
  • Savings of significant quantity of water and chemicals

Despite the COVID-19 2019 pandemic, Prashant Group has successfully launched two innovative products in 2020: –

  • One of the products is an exciting product called loom printer that can efficiently carry out transfer printing online on the loom. It is precisely a paper transfer technology in which the loom printer is placed in between the loom and warp beam. Through a heat transfer mechanism, the paper design is transferred on a warp sheet. This technology is used for man-made fibers like polyester. This technology is used in applications like upholstery, home furnishing, saree, dress material and other similar products. This is a green technology which does not need any after process to wash dyes and chemicals, which saves a lot of water and chemicals.
  • The second product that Prashant Group has come up with is the high-tech electromagnetic tensioners which keep the tension variation within the 2% range. Because of such a precise tension control, the quality of the beam is excellent and the efficiency of the loom improves Prashant Group now has a patent for this incredible technology.

The clear vision of Prashant Group is to continuously innovate and bring out new innovative products which will help the industry to reach the epitome of productivity with cost efficiency and quality.

The ultimate goal is to simplify the product to make it more user-friendly which will benefit the end-user and further expand the market in India, Bangladesh, Europe, African countries and rest of the World. With its present acquisitions and workforce, Prashant Group will surely be better positioned in the global textile machinery market five years down the line.

www.prashantgroup.com   e-mail: sales@prashantgroup.com

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