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Pre-activities for a quick successful changeover

Without pre-planning task of change-over, we are losing a lot of production during the learning curve period (Usually 3-5 days from style change). At the same time, due to the lack of monitoring in pre-planned activities and unawareness of several departments task about maintaining quick changeover are responsible for the failure in achieving learning curve target. So that there are some pre-activities for different departments to handle changeover smoothly and to achieve the learning curve periods target on time.

pre-planning task

Team for changeover

There are two teams in every unit/floor, one is for implementation in the floor and another is for reviewing the activities which is done by the implementation team. Review team monitors the pre-activities progress which is done or not. Each department has a leader to monitor all his departments’ task. They are also responsible for giving decisions from his department side about any issues which is related to changeover and will attend all the meetings which is about the changeover.

Changeover pre-activity monitoring mechanism

Changeover pre-activity under implementation teams are given below:

Technical team

  1. Risk Analysis meeting with all head of the department.
  2. Complete pilot-A (Methods and construction has to be finalized during Pilot-A run)
  3. Preparation of the comparison report on the current and upcoming style
  4. Sent folder, foot, and gauge requirement to the maintenance
  5. Complete Pilot-B & identify critical operations of the style
  6. Ensure availability of finish board and pattern board
  7. Actual fabric cut panel need to handover to maintenance team to adjust the machine
  8. Preparation of mock-ups of the critical operations

IE team

  1. Send M/C and thread requirement for that style to the maintenance
  2. Update GSD SMV based on an approved sample and finalize OB based on GSD SMV
  3. Select the operators for critical operations and set back up a plan for training
  4. Ensure operator allocations for training are done as per requirement
  5. MP allocation list with their replacement MP Plan provides to technical, production & ME team

Maintenance team

  1. Machine arranging for pilot
  2. Adjust special machines and cross check with technical.
  3. Ensure machine availability physically
  4. Preparation of machinery and attachments based on the I.E requisition.
  5. Ensure that physically needle, throat plate, feed dog and bobbin available
  6. Ensure machine working condition with stitching quality

Utility team

  1. Arrange Chair, Table, Machine light physically

Production team

  1. Line selection for Pilot-B run
  2. Line manager needs to involve in Pilot-B stage & make 1 sample which is approved by a quality
  3. Ensure inputs, CPU parts, and trims (threads, zipper, Label etc.) availability before 1 day

Quality team

  1. Attend during Pilot-A run time and feedback with review comments
  2. Deployment of quality inspectors based on the critical operations of the new
  3. Provide guideline to QI about checking procedure and DHU target
  4. Verification of patterns

Learning curve target will be depended on the Standard Minute Value (SMV) and the difference between the construction of the garments.

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