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Product diversification aiding Experience Group to stay afloat

Globally clothing is a necessity and product diversification aiding Experience Group to stay afloat against global rough times, says Usama Maqsood, Director, Experience Group. He shared this at the recently concluded Dhaka Apparel Expo 2022. Where, Experience Group team led by Usama Maqsood shared their thoughts with Textile Today.

Experience Group Dhaka-Apparel Expo 2022
Figure: Experience Group team led by Usama Maqsood (Third from right) with Textile Today team.

“We are making sure that our factories are running and that we can afford to pay salaries and that’s the plan. We will see will manage the crisis as it comes. We do not know what the future is right now but we are staying optimistic and we have to stay positive. Overall, we have to hope for the best – because clothing is a necessity and hopefully when the world market recovers – we will also benefit from that,” Usama Maqsood shared concerning the global fashionwear downtrend.

Worldwide renowned Experience Group showcased its innovative and diversified fashion products at the Expo.

Usama Maqsood shared that they produce all the apparel product categories for men, women and kids – and they showcased a wide variety of apparel products at the expo.

“A vast audience did not know that we are doing ladies’ dresses with viscose, or all-over print items, workwear, and underwear. So, the fact that we were able to represent all these products and the number of products. So, there was significant interest in that – it is really good to have a multi-product capability. Because that way we can cater to any specific product type and no matter the market situation. We can find something to do. So, that is the ultimate edge of Experience Group.”

“We have a vertical expansion – with this advantage – we are providing our customers with A-Z solutions. As for product ranges, we have all types of varieties like cotton, cotton blend, cotton spandex and viscose to increase diversification.”

Regarding the Expo’s outreach, Usama Maqsood said, “Overall we are satisfied and we had an opportunity to display all our variety of products. We have made a lot of connections. Met a lot of people, so these are what these events are important for building connections, building relationships. That’s the most important thing and we’re happy to be here and happy to represent our company and we have also exhibited at the denim expo.”

Nayeem, Head of Merchandising, Experience Group stated that Experience Group has a diversified range of apparel products – starting from heavy outerwear both denim and non-denim, lingerie, fashionwear, workwear, etc. Recently, we have started making down jackets. Most importantly, Experience Group manufacture all the apparel product category for men, women and kids.

Manufacturing and managing operations of such a wide range of apparel internally and externally and the supply chain is a huge task – and Experience Group is managing this mammoth duty in a well-synchronized way.

Regarding that, Nayeem said, “As you mentioned, doing this kind of wide-range of product or multi-production is challenging like in all aspects – right from marketing, procurement, manufacturing and merchandizing – at Experience we are doing it for many years now. So, we have a well-trained and capable staff both in marketing, merchandising and then in the production team. Thus, our production team can make different types of apparel items within the same line.”

“I just want to say I am very happy with my team – the way we have exhibited. I am confident that this will be fruitful for us and also I want to thank Textile Today for keeping the textile and garment industry relevant, Usama Maqsood concluded.

In the 1980s, Mian Maqsood Ahmad founded Experience Group in the UK, they have operation bases in Bangladesh and some other countries. At present, Experience Group is a fully vertical company.

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