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Proper supply chain strategy is the base of any business organization

COO of Eco Threads & Yarns, a sister concern of DBL Group, has been awarded as ‘Supply Chain Professional of the Year’ under ‘Bangladesh Supply Chain Excellence Award 2018’ organized by IPDC.

Md. Shakhawat Hossain, Chief Operating Officer, Eco Threads & Yarns.

Supply chain refers to all inputs required to produce a product and fulfill a purchase. It includes planning (demand planning & Supply Planning), raw materials sourcing, manufacturing, transporting, warehousing, shipping etc. Fast delivery with required quality is now sought by buyers in this fast fashion era. Therefore, a strong supply chain network could give an organization a leading position in all aspect.

Recently Md. Shakhawat Hossain, Chief Operating Officer of Eco Threads & Yarns, a sister concern of DBL Group, has been awarded as ‘Supply Chain Professional of the Year’ under ‘Bangladesh Supply Chain Excellence Award 2018’ organized by IPDC. In a conversation with Textile Today, he shared his experience in supply chain management and contribution in the Textile Industry.

Md. Shakhawat Hossain Chief Operating Officer Eco Threads & Yarns
Figure: Md. Shakhawat Hossain, Chief Operating Officer, Eco Threads & Yarns.

Textile Today: Could you please share us the supply chain management system of DBL group?

Shakhawat Hossain: “Supply chain” is the base of any business organization, who has best supply chain management system definitely they will lead the industry and fortunately we’re one of them. The supply chain is a business process, which integrates from planning, sourcing, manufacturing, distribution to delivery process. In DBL, sourcing process is well established and we do the planning according to our capacity and required quality and due dates.

There are many local thread companies in Bangladesh but we want to compete at the multinational level. We are implementing ‘Oracle Supply Chain Management’ in our supply chain system. You know DBL is now the fully automated company, using SedoMaster, color master and we are very concerned on our management of inventory. Currently, we are producing best quality Sewing Threads under eco brands also.

Textile Today: How does lead time dominate the supply chain management?

Shakhawat Hossain: Actually lead time drives the whole supply chain management. It is very crucial and important issue for the industries to maintain lead time. You know most of the buyers give a very short lead time now. 90 days were standard before, but now it is a maximum of 45 days. H&M gives only 28 days for an order which is called ‘speed order’. In this regards we have to do very hard work, make plans fast and execute the plans by ensuring the right quality first time. Therefore, you need a good and reliable supply chain management system/process for shipping your products on time.

Textile Today: Recently you have been awarded from IPDC on behalf of DBL Group as “Supply Chain Professional of the Year”, please share us the story…

Shakhawat Hossain: I think my contribution to the industry helped me to achieve this award. I always tried to give my maximum effort and I am trying to develop a special supply chain management system continuously. Supply chain resource development, inventory optimization, proper planning, utilization increase, efficiency increase could be the reasons why I was awarded. Moreover, I always try to deliver products the right time with right quality and quantity.

Textile Today: What is your suggestions for industries when the price is being a crucial issue?

Shakhawat Hossain: At first, the proper plan is needed based on quantity and quality requirements. Then plan should be executed efficiently where most of the cost issues are involved. Again, unskilled manpower increases costs. Industrialists should also focus on the development of manpower skill, which could be the great asset for an organization. Therefore, we have to be strategic in all aspects and assess our processes to sustain in the long-term business.

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