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Prosperity Textile displayed latest breakthroughs ‘Relevation Blue’ at Kingpins

One of the leading denim fabric manufacturer Prosperity Textile once again joined the trailblazers of denim at Kingpins Show at Gashouder, Amsterdam, Netherlands on October 23 to 24 2019.

Prosperity Textiles, Relevation Blue, Kingpins Amsterdam
Courtesy: Prosperity Textiles

Prosperity Textile showcased the latest breakthroughs in the quest for sustainability and innovation in denim.

With 80% less water use and no harmful chemicals, including aniline – Relevation Blue – is the biggest breakthrough yet. Along with upgraded recycled cotton offerings with the latest technology. This innovation offers, yarn created with 50% recycled indigo yarn waste from its other productions, and 50% virgin cotton.

That means no further indigo-dyeing processes are needed for the coveted blue denim look – its original tones are already present in the recycled indigo ingredients. And it still washes down into a soft light blue shade.

And it is just the tip of the iceberg this year at Kingpins Show, which was displayed at Gashouder.

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