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PTEC successfully organizes TEDxPtec 2022

Pabna Textile Engineering College (PTEC) recently organized the renowned TED event at the Central Library. PTEC is the 1st textile educational institution and only the 2nd after RUET to organize a TED event in the northern and southern region of Bangladesh. Where more than 200 students and professionals joined the TEDxPtec 2022 event.

Engr. Md Solaiman-PTEC
Figure 1: Engr. Md Solaiman, Principal, Pabna Textile Engineering College was sharing his story with the audience.

From the very beginning, there was excitement about the worldwide recognized TED event which saw more than 200 attendees meet with 7 expert speakers. ‘Unique activities to become unique’ was the main theme of the event which attracted enthusiasts from all over the institution. Students, as well as graduated textile engineers, came to listen to stories and seek ideas and inspiration.

Engr. Md Solaiman, Principal, Pabna Textile Engineering College, shared his hardest life story and dedication to fulfilling his dream. He also inspires students and told them, “work hard to achieve your dream.”

Mahfuza Mohona, Lecturer, Fashion & Design Department, PTEC resembles female empowerment in the textile sector of Bangladesh and shared her journey of becoming a lecturer at her campus.

Figure 2: More than 200 students and professionals joined the TEDxPtec 2022 event.

Asif Hassan, Instructor, Textile Engineering Department, PTEC said, “Today I will bring your attention to some unique persons superheroes and superwomen”.

He emphasized being a good human.

Sk Nazmus Saaqib, Assistant Professor, Fashion & Design Department of PTEC, started his career as a textile engineer and currently is an Assistant Professor of Textile Education. He shared his working experience in Opex & Sinha Textiles.

Md. Razouannul Kabir, Managing Director, RBR Fashion and Chairman, RS Foundation started his life working as a tea seller. In 2009, he entered the textile industry as a worker and become an operator six months later. With his hard-working mindset, he thrived to become a successful businessman. He is now the owner of RBR Fashion and has multiple international outlets of his brand.

Sajjak Hossain Shihab, Writer, Author, Founder of Sustainable Future Leaders, Senior Manager of Merchandising & Marketing Department of P.N Composite Ltd. said, “You are a star” to the audience.

He is an icon in the Bangladesh textile industry. He is also a renowned writer who has traveled to more than 20 countries in the world.

Md. Monirul Islam Iqra, Managing Director, PHI TEX BD is a successful entrepreneur and an expert in the textile industry. He said, “whatever you want to accomplish in life, you have to visualize it first.”

Though it was the first TED event at PTEC the licensee and lead organizer Md. Al-Amin thanked the attendees, speakers and organizing committee to make the event successful.

TEDx is an international most renowned open platform where speakers deliver their speeches for motivating, influencing and inspiring people by sharing their hard, successful & ups and down life journeys or can speak independently on any topic for the inspiration of the audience. MIT, Oxford, Harvard, Cambridge, etc. universities organize this program on regular basis.

Textile Today was the media partner of the event.

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