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Pure Chemicals extends its commitment tending industry to be more innovative through Textile Today

One of the leading Bangladeshi textile, laundry auxiliaries and denim washing solutions provider Pure Chemicals extended its commitment to aid the textile industry to be more innovative and value-driven through Textile Today with its groundbreaking initiative ‘Textile Today Innovation Hub’.

Earlier in 2021 – Pure Chemicals teamed up with Textile Today for steering innovation in the textile and apparel industry – after impressively serving the industry with innovation and value-addition, the collaboration extended on 29 June at Pure Chemicals premises to cater the textile industrialists and technical community in a 360° angle.

Pure-Chemicals-extends-commitment-industry-innovative-Textile Today
Figure 1: Md. Forhad Hossan receiving a memento from Md. Eousup Novee as a symbol of Innovation Associates of Textile Today Innovation Hub.

In the memento handover ceremony Md. Forhad Hossan, CEO, Pure Chemicals received a memento from Md. Eousup Novee, GM, HR & Strategy Textile Today as a symbol of Innovation Associates of Textile Today Innovation Hub.

Md. Forhad Hossan, CEO, Pure Chemicals said, “a year earlier when I heard about Textile Today Innovation Hub – I was enthralled as Pure Chemicals of Soko Chimica is always prioritizes innovation. And from the very beginning of Pure Chemicals journey, we distanced ourselves from providing conventional solutions. Rather, we focused on R&D and innovation-driven solutions for the washing industry – thus we joined with Textile Today Innovation Hub to excel in innovation.”

“By joining hands with Soko Chimica-Italy R&D lab, we committed to using only certified and safe premium quality raw materials coming from reliable chain only. The domino effect has continuously pursued new challenges to supply eco-friendly products that are OEKO-TEX, GOTs, REACH and ECO PASSPORT certified,” Forhad Hossan added.

“I always say Textile Today is a true platform for Bangladesh’s textile and apparel industry – it is representing our industry on the global stage. As a result, we get a lot of queries from the industry and global attention. Thanks to Textile Today.”

Md. Eousup Novee said, “A common misconception in the textile and apparel industry is that innovation means a lot of in-depth scientific research and a gigantic amount of process development or it is out of reach. The pre-requisite is the innovative mindset and implementing step-by-step implementation of processes and choosing the best sustainable, efficient solution – which is what Textile Today Innovation Hub and Pure Chemicals have been showcasing.”

“Textile Today Innovation Hub chooses its innovative partners who want a real transformation in the Bangladesh textile and apparel industry.”

This collaboration between Pure Chemicals and ‘Textile Today Innovation Hub’ will increase to a greater scale. Textile Today Innovation Hub has been working on numerous industrial projects with a systematic approach to finding out solutions. The solutions that can help the textile and garment industries to become more sustainable.

Textile-Today-Innovation Hub-Pure Chemicals
Figure 2: Textile Today team with Md. Forhad Hossan.

Innovation-driven Pure Chemicals–the only authorized agent of Soko Chimica, Italy—has been exemplary for the textile industry to deliver a substantial global standard of quality services in the arena of textile auxiliaries, laundry auxiliaries and pumice stone that beat the prospect of the privileged patrons. The company delivers products ranging from the textile wet process, the pre-treatment stage to the finishing stage, especially for textile and laundry industries.

Latest products specialties:

  • Lower water consumption enzyme
  • The authentic look of the old days without pumice stone
  • The evolutionary wash
  • The evaluation of fading
  • The sulfur bleach
  • The bleaching wizard
  • The vintage dyeing
  • The pigment substitute

Some latest products of Soko

Soko Black Magic: Pure Chemicals latest product Soko Black Magic is a revolutionary product. Black denim is and will always be part of any brand’s collection, but the process for creating used, vintage or simply bleaching effects has always been complicated and not sustainable. Black magic is the Soko sustainable solution for faster discoloration.

The sustainable efficiencies of Soko Black Magic:

  • Single bath process
  • Lower temperature
  • Time-saving
  • Less fabric stress
  • Less dangerous chemicals
  • Energy saving
  • Better hand-feel

The washing industry can step into an upgrading level, where the washing time, cost, labor and other elements can be reduced. These chemical solutions will elevate the textile industry to be more sustainable.

Figure 3: Md. Forhad Hossan, CEO, Pure Chemicals.

SOKO Stone ECO: SOKO Stone ECO ensures low water consumption enzyme eco-sustainable stonewash. This new concept of stone-wash is based on the application of the Sokostone Eco and its activation without bath of water, by setting the right parameters such as Temperature, Humidity and Time. This technique belongs to Soko, who first adopted a nozzle system for this application and invented a process, that among all the other Sustainable techniques was the missed link for the perfect eco-stonewash.

Thanks to its performances, in combination with Scraping, Laser, or Ozone and applied in appropriated machinery, without stones and bath of water, the Soko stone Eco produces an authentic vintage, with sharp abrasion, soft touch and better 3D consistency.

Being a part of the ‘Textile Today Innovation Hub’ Pure Chemicals will not only support the platform to function effectively but also the Associates will be able to utilize the knowledge, communication and networking leverage of the platform to position them in the markets as an innovation-driven business.

Sanjoy Kumar Saha, Sr. Manager, Industry Engagement & Sub Editor, Textile Today; Rahbar Hossain, Asst. Manager, Business Development and Sayed Abdullah, Asst. Manager, Textile Today were also present at the event.

If anyone has any feedback or input regarding the published news, please contact: info@textiletoday.com.bd

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