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Pure Chemicals joins hands with Textile Today for steering innovation in the textile and apparel industry

Pure Chemicals teams up with Textile Today for steering innovation in the textile and apparel industry at its premises on 23rd February 2021.

Textile Today, the leading global textile media platform in Bangladesh appreciates Pure Chemicals for its contributions towards Textile Today Innovation Hub.

Figure: Md. Forhad Hossan, CEO, Pure Chemicals and Tareq Amin, Founder & CEO, Textile Today signed an agreement on behalf of the respective companies.

Pure Chemicals as an innovation-driven company has been exemplary for the textile and apparel industry. To provide a significant global standard of quality services that exceed the prospect of our privileged patrons.

Pure Chemicals has established in October 2018. Since its inception, an innovative trading company in Bangladesh is related to the denim washing and textile auxiliary market. In essence ‘Pure Chemicals’ is an outliner of ‘SOKO Chimica-Italy’ in Bangladesh.

By paying constant attention to the market and customers trends, demands and cultural views integrated reliable chain focused by:

  • Sustainable
  • Know-how
  • Excellency

Unique Products of Pure Chemicals

Product Name Description
DISPERSOKO  ABS-GSX Anti-Back-Staining Agent And Detergent For Denim


Enzymatic Abrasion Booster & Denim Cleaner
PRECAND SOKO Cleaning + Bleaching Agent




SOKOSTONE  NL-C High-Performance Enzymatic Cellulose For Bio-Polishing & Stonewash
PEROXISOKO  ECO Product For Neutralization Of Potassium Permanganate And Sodium Hypochlorite
TENDERSOKO  SI  MICRO  ID Hydrophilic Silicon Softener
RESOKO SHADOW Vintage Dyeing
EASY WAVE Pigment Replacement

Our mission is to achieve consistent perfection, providing a quality product with consistent price, strong technical support and maintaining international standards.

By joining hand with Soko Chimica-Italy R&D lab, we committed to using only certified and safe premium quality raw materials coming from reliable chain only. The domino effect has continuously pursued new challenges to supply eco-friendly products that are OEKO-TEX, GOTs, REACH and ECO PASSPORT certified.

Md. Forhad Hossan, CEO, Pure Chemicals said, “Pure Chemicals is committed to providing the best quality product with the best price along with strong technical support and top-notch system with highest ethical and professional standards by maintaining international regulation with a mission to be a leader in the textile and washing industry in Bangladesh.”

By partnering with Pure Chemicals, ‘Textile Today Innovation Hub’ will expand to a larger scale. Textile Today Innovation Hub working on various industrial projects in a systematic approach to finding out the solutions. The solutions that can help the textile and garment industries to become more sustainable.

Joining Textile Today Innovation Hub, Pure Chemicals believes that the industry will experience a new change in the manufacturing process, chemicals, ETP, and other processes.

Being a part of this ‘Innovation Hub’ Textile Today Associates will not only support the platform to function effectively but also the Associates will be able to utilize the knowledge, communication and networking leverage of the platform to position them in the markets as an innovation-driven business.

If anyone has any feedback or input regarding the published news, please contact: info@textiletoday.com.bd

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