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Quality assurance in printing, the Square Fashions’ model

Square Fashions Ltd. uses world-class printing machinery and skilled workforce to ensure the quality of printed products  

Printing is one of the important value-adding processes to the final garment. To the fashion conscious peoples, printed garments are more acceptable now and they are inclined to pay extra. So, there are huge prospects in this industry to generate revenue by producing top-notch products.

K.M. Nazrul Islam, AGM of SFL Printing
Figure 1: K.M. Jashim, Assistant General Manager of SFL Printing.

With the most sophisticated vertically integrated infrastructure, Square Fashions Limited (SFL) started its project in 2001 as a one-stop source for the global knit apparel market to meet customers’ expectation by providing feature products and services on time. Eventually, the printing section has become a momentous section of SFL where quality is the first priority over anything, which is also the company motto.

SFL printing has world class 6 headed two MHM-Syncro 3000 rotary screen printing machine, 8 headed two MHM iQ oval screen printing machine and also 8 headed two S.ROQUE oval screen printing machine. SFL printing section’s daily total capacity is about 100,000 pieces where about 1100 skilled workforces are engaged.

Quality is the first priority

Raw materials are the key factors in printing where quality varies frequently. Since printing is the most sensitive process, to ensure quality the full process needs to be monitored critically.

Quality Assurance Dept. of SFL Printing

Figure 2: Quality Assurance Dept. was checking the quality of products after printing.

“First of all, Square printing gives maximum importance on purchasing and using right and quality dyes, chemicals, and other agents,” said K.M. Jashim, Assistant General Manager of Printing.

They mainly use European branded chemicals and some from Malaysia and China. Because a good printing paste is mainly responsible for good printing effect. They ensure all necessary tests to guarantee quality before use in bulk.

Each and every printing chemical go through the standard quality testing process before it is used in the process. Thanks critically adopted chemical management system within the company which helps to keep updated and well-managed chemical inventory, storage, handling, application, and discharge.

Secondly, all stuff working in printing R&D at SFL have a strong chemistry background. Man, machine, and material, when all these elements synchronized then it’s possible to achieve expected quality and production.

SFL printing production floor
Figure 3: Square Fashion Ltd. (SFL) printing production floor is equipped with world-class brand machinery.

Jashim said, “All of our staffs are aware of quality and we train them regular basis on production and quality aspects.”

Square also shares a certain percentage of their profit at the end of the financial year with every staff to give them ownership.

SFL has been working with almost all renowned buyers like PUMA, H&M, G-STAR, MEXX, ESPRIT, s.Oliver, Marks & Spencer, HUGO BOSS etc. “PUMA has been working with us for the last 14 years, because we maintain quality and on-time delivery,” Nazrul Islam said.

Dr. Eric HL Tan, Director of SILKFLEX and one of the important chemical suppliers of SFL printing said, “They are 100% quality conscious so that we always have to be careful to give the best quality products to SFL.”

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