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Emerging player as weaving preparation textile machinery manufacture: Rabatex Industries, India excellence product with advanced technology

Quality begins on inside…. and then works its way out…

On this very philosophy, Rabatex Group of industries stands high where it is today. From Fiber to Fashion, Rabatex’ journey in to the industry started in 1962 with a vision transform textile industry with best of service and technology.

Rabatex began with manufacturing of crank shaft for weaving machinery, sub assembly for textile processing machinery & precision valves for MNC for export in early 1970s, in the span of 5 decade has growth manifold growth expanded verticals and adding more technologies and innovations under the belt. Rabatex Dominate the weaving industry with international quality warp preparation products including advanced computerized sectional warping machines, complete sample fabric solutions (High speed sample Warper, single end sizing machine- sample weaving machine), Electric-Manual Material handling equipment and storage equipment and customized solution for technical textile application.

Figure 1: Rabatex Group of industries stands high where it is today.

The journey incepted in the year 1962 has crossed many milestones and has register success across the global Market with more than 3000 sectional warper and more than 5000 material handling equipment.  The credit for the same goes to dynamic & visionary leader Haresh Panchal (M.D), by developing ultra-modern infrastructure to churn out an innovation& excellence all times, result in today Rabatex has spread in huge manufacturing plant equipped with all ultra-modern manufacturing facility with R&D and quality control process.

In an innovation driven company like Rabatex, research and development plays a very crucial role. To maintain its innovation standards and produce state of the art technology, thanks to our strong R &D & Technical Team, who are constantly involved in research & innovation in the products to reach 100 percent customer satisfaction.

With high-quality product range, excellent service the company has garnered immerse trust and faith from its clients leading to successful and fruitful lifetime associations. The fact is evident in the growth line continuously going on the upscale ever since the inception.

With high-flying success and standing as pioneer in the dominance, today Rabatex has firm hold on both domestic and international share on the global front, Rabatex Group of industries has presence in  USA, Turkey, Russia, Bangladesh, Egypt, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Israel, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Indonesia, Brazil and many more.

For warp preparation – Rabatex High speed computerized sectional warping machine

Figure 2: Sectional warping machine RI 109.

Rabatex High speed sectional warping machine Model RI 109 is a state-of-the-art technology which produces high quality warp beams with higher productivity. Model RI 109 comes with user friendly advance software and data management which offers all online data of warping operations. It also offers graphical display of all events and breakages and also loss end memory control.

For Sample warp preparation

Rabatex high speed Sample Warping Machine model RI 6001 is primarily for production of samples and short production warp at very high production rate. Model RI 6001 has a robustly constructed warping drum, suitable up to widths of 2400 mm and for warping lengths between 21 and 450 meters (depending on thread density) and suitable for yarn range from 5 to 500 Tex. RI 6001 comes with a heavy duty rotational creel with a maximum creel capacity of 16 colors and is suitable of attaining maximum speeds of up to 1000 meter per minutes.

Figure 3: Sectional warping machine RI 6001.

In addition, Rabatex Industries have developed Mini sample warping machine Model M601 to handle the production of short run warp beam and is specially developed to offer different options to meet the diverse needs of warping width can perfectly work with sampling loom. Model RI M601 has a robustly constructed warping drum, suitable up to widths of 500 mm and for warping lengths between 5 and 30 meters (depending on thread density) and suitable for yarn range from 5 to 500 Tex.

Figure 4: Mini sample warping machine Model M601.

Rabatex Industries is also manufacture single end sizing machine with 4/8/12 spindles to contribute to the warp, improve quality and efficiency of the weaving process. Using a combination of three process –sizing, drying and continuous winding on an individual spindle, this machine greatly improves weaving efficiency, resulting in quicker samples.

Figure 5: RI 8001.

We have completed basket for fabric sample solutions to add sample weaving machine Model RI 9001. Model RI 9001 bridges the gap between perfect sampling and ease of operation, hence providing infinite possibilities of creating best fabric samples. Model RI 9001 have working width 500 mm and having speed of 45 ppm maximum along with 20 heald frame electronically controlled.

Figure 6: Sample weaving machine Model RI 9001.

With its large client base and exceptional innovation and technological developments, Rabatex is prepared to set its best foot forward and take the next step forward and towards growth and success in the textile industry.

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