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Raw materials shortage weakens production of Crescent Jute Mills

Crescent Jute Mills Co. Ltd. at khalishpur, Khulna is losing its production capacity due to the scarcity of enough raw materials.

Recently, some students of the session 2016-2017 of Shahid Abdur Rab Serniabat Textile Engineering College (SARSTEC) have completed their industrial tour to Crescent Jute Mills Co. Ltd. under the supervision of their teacher. The main objective of the visit was to close the gap between industry and the academic study.

Shahid Abdur Rab Serniabat Textile Engineering College visited Crescent jute mills Ltd
Figure 1: SARSTEC team visited at Crescent jute mills Ltd in Khulna.

During the tour students get to know many insides of the mill, it is also the biggest running jute mill in Bangladesh. The Crescent Jute Mills Co. Ltd. plays an important role in Bangladesh’s jute industry since liberation time. Though the mill is spacious enough for more than 12000 workers, however at present, about 3000 people are working. Among them, 50% are permanent workers, and the rest of them are temporary workers.

This mill has 1000+ loom, 84 spinning m/c, two types of spindle (80 and 100) in its production floor. A few years ago, the production capacity of the mill was 76 tons per day. But currently produce 20-23 tons per day, which is about one-third of its previous production capacity.

The reason behind falling production is lack of enough raw materials, said a worker.

Bohor Sheikh, one of the mill workers working there for last 31 years, depicted a bleaker picture. Bohor said that the authority is unable to pay the salary of temporary workers in due time.

“As production capacity has been declined a lot, therefore, the authority cannot pay properly the temporary workers and they leave their job,” said Bohor Sheikh.

However, the government employees get all types of opportunity as required. Like automatic insurance system for the employees, medical treatment, and the newborn’s mother gets enough leave and facilities from here.

Crescent Jute Mills Ltd Jute products
Figure 2: Jute products at Crescent Jute Mills Ltd.

Crescent jute mills Ltd. produce sackcloth, sacks, and CVC from the raw jute. It also produces ‘Golden Jute Bags’ from white raw jute. In recent years, they also produce air-tighten jute bag which can be used as a replacement of synthetic poly bags. With a view to producing air-tighten bag, they use automation method, which is able to give a polypropylene layer inside the sacks. This special trick proves that the mill is enough conscious about the environment.

They sell their products to the Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation (BJMC), besides, they also export their product in a foreign country like Sudan, Libya, and Japan etc.

One of it Assistant Manager, Md. Towhidul Islam said that their export products quality is assured by SGS, who works as a 3rd party buyer. He also added that their market reputation is good, but they can’t give enough production supply to the market due to lack of raw materials.

He also mentioned CBA and some of the political issues that create difficulties in their production.

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