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Reactive oxygen capsule technology to produce antiviral textiles

IRIVER, a technology company in Hong Kong, said it has the ability to use its ‘reactive oxygen capsule’ technology to produce antiviral fabrics and textiles to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

Figure: ‘Reactive oxygen capsule’ technology can produce antiviral fabrics and textiles to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. Courtesy: finestfashionsite.com

The company said that the patented ‘reactive oxygen capsule’ technology is developed for fabrics and textiles that can effectively prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses.

This function will expand some new application areas for products, especially antiviral home textile products, antiviral garments, medical textiles and medical protective clothing markets. The product and its exclusive technology have applied for the patent.

“IRIVER, through the world-leading product, is able to meet the growing demand for antiviral textiles in the market,” Robin, the company’s Marketing Director, said.

Antiviral-treated textiles have been tested using coronaviruses at the BOKEN Quality Evaluation Institute in Japan and Guang Dong Detection Centre of Microbiology. Using ISO18184 test method, the finished textiles can kill more than 99.9% of the H1N1 virus and H3N2 virus.

Preliminary studies in a Hong Kong hospital showed a significant reduction in infections when fabrics impregnated with antiviral finishing agents were used in medical protective clothing.

The coronavirus epidemic continues to spread in many countries. From a global perspective, some countries attach great importance to the prevention and control of outbreaks from the government to the civilians, from leaders to the public, track and isolate infected persons, coordinate medical resources, publicize knowledge on epidemic prevention, and restrict gathering activities.

There are also some countries where the epidemic prevention and control are not satisfactory.

Since there are no vaccines or mature therapies for the novel coronavirus, personal protective equipment is an important way to combat viral transmission and avoid pandemics. Disposable masks do not block all pathogens or kill them. As pathogens multiply in their fibers, used and discarded masks may even become vectors of virus transmission.

Therefore, cleanable, reusable masks and textiles with antiviral properties can effectively prevent the coronavirus that have evolved into more serious diseases, such as SARS and MERS viruses.

The technology of ‘Reactive Oxygen Capsule’ can implant antiviral function into textile fibers, bring durable effects of inhibiting and killing the virus, and have high washing resistance. Since this product does not need any adhesive, it will not affect the comfort and softness of the fabric, which is not only suitable for the medical protection field, but also for the fashion and leisure field.

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