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Recycled cashmere sweaters for ultimate warm and soft feelings

Cashmere is one of the rarest and most luxurious fibers in the world, which is a remarkably silky material and three times as warm as wool and is known to be long-lasting. It has so many incredible, natural properties. It’s hygroscopic, hydroscopic, renewable and sustainable, biodegradable, durable, flame-retardant and protective against the sun’s damaging rays. Yes, cashmere is wonderful!

Reformation’s recycled cashmere
Figure: Conscious Cashmere line by Reformation. Courtesy: Reformation

Yet it has environmental consequences as well. Most notable of all is it’s tough to find cashmere that is called ‘conscious’ or sustainable. The fashion industry is yet to hear that with cashmere fibers.

Los Angeles based clothing brand Reformation with the motto ‘makes killer clothes that don’t kill the environment’ standout its  Conscious Cashmere line. This cashmere line is made of 70% re-purposed, regenerated cashmere clippings.

Figure: Reformation’s mostly recycled cashmere trade-offs.

It feels the same as traditional cashmere but has noticeably less impact on the environment. On average, one kilogram of recycled cashmere has an 80% less environmental impact than conventional cashmere.

Kathleen Talbot, Vice President of Sustainability, Reformation said, “The reason why the cashmere sweaters aren’t 100% recycled isn’t due to the typical roadblocks of price and availability. It’s to preserve the best possible quality. As greater percentages of recycled cashmere were introduced, the integrity of the fabric dipped. For the brand, 70/30 is the win-win ratio.”

“We make stuff in America in our factory, and pay everyone living wage—I would say we’re probably one of the higher paying factories in our area. I don’t know why they can’t make it cheaper. It’s probably because they buy it from another factory who buys it from another factory. There’s a lot of in-between, I’m guessing. Going direct has a lot of value,” Reformation Founder Yael Aflalo shared her thoughts on sustainable fashion.

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