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Revolutionary textile dye process launched

The future of exhaust dyeing has arrived: Nano-DyeTM’s disruptive, patent pending, sustainable cationic textile dyeing technology, The Nano-DyeTM Process, sets a new benchmark for exhaust dyers in the cotton and cotton blend textile arena with the start-up of its first two continuous, mass production systems in Bangladesh with one in March 2019 and the second this May 2019.


Nano-DyeTM’s award-winning prototype system released in 2014 led to this monumental milestone. Through collaboration with leading textile equipment manufacturers, cotton dye plant directors and textile chemists.

Nano-DyeTM overcame all obstacles which prevented this specific cationic theory from a successful application to cotton exhaust dyeing for more than 20 years due to even dyeing and a side reaction that led to a bad smell. The patent-pending Nano-DyeTM turn-key system is designed with the strategic intent to use the textile dye plant’s current exhaust dye equipment and dyestuff library.

Nano-DyeTM’s break-through dyeing technology now allows cotton exhaust dye jets to use no salt and exhaust up to 99% of dyestuff (eliminating solid waste). Use 75% less water and 90% less energy while yielding greater lot to lot shade reproducibility and consistent quality fabric in all colors.

Additionally, the reduction of pollution in the effluent makes Zero Discharge Water Treatment plants economical to run and sets their position for future placement making textile dyeing a clean industry.

The Nano-DyeTM System requires just one “drop-in” pretreatment step to the greige goods straight from knitting and a modification of the exhaust dye jet cycle, increasing output and lowering overall dyeing costs. The resulting fabric has a color that is cleaner in tone, has a softer hand, normal smell and increases colorfastness.

The Dyeing Industry, due to its concentration in emerging economies, needs better practices and disruptive solutions to prevent further damage to our quantum environment. After years of research and development, the future of sustainable exhaust dyeing has arrived with the Nano-DyeTM System.

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