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Rieter to visualize unforeseen products by the year of 2016

Rieter is a leading manufacturer and supplier for textile machinery and components used in short staple fiber spinning. Based in Winterthur (Switzerland), the company develops and manufactures systems, machinery and technology components used to convert natural and manmade fibers and their blends into yarns. Rieter is the only company worldwide to cover spinning preparation processes as well as all four final spinning processes currently established in the market. With 18 manufacturing locations in 10 countries, the company employs a global workforce of some 4 700, about 27 % of whom are based in Switzerland. Rieter has been contributing to the Bangladesh textile sector by machinery investment over many years. In this story BTT revealed the voyage of Rieter in Bangladesh with their agent Textile Associates Ltd. In this interview we were with the Managing Director of Textile Associates Mr. Harun Ur Rashid and the Sales Manager of Rieter AG, Mr. Heinz Schmid during DTG 2013. The interview was conducted by Nusrat Rysa and Salim Azad Didar and Photography by Ataullah Al Farhan.


Textile Associates Ltd. is one of the leading agencies of machinery and equipments for textile industries in Bangladesh. It was established in 1972 and the business has been inherited to current Managing Director Mr. Harun Ur Rashid. Textile Associates works for the World leading brands in Bangladesh and Rieter is one of them.

Rieter is one of the regular participants of DTG, the largest textile machinery exhibition held every year in Bangladesh. It is one of the most ancient companies in the world as they are producing machines for the last 220 years. They are privileged to declare that they are the only European company that produces machines from Blow room to the final product. They have specialism in producing all four yarn forming technologies Ring, Rotor, Compact and Air jet machines. This year they proudly presented New Card-70 (also was in last 2 years) that gives the highest production, reliable quality level compared to all other competitors; new Comber, C-80 is most flexible comber, giving less noil % ; Ring frame C-32 has specialty in energy consumption which is lower than other competitors; Rieter Air jet spinning machinery has got successful market entry in Indonesia and Turkey and it is 20 times faster than ring frames and thus productivity is very high; Open end or rotor yarn producing machinery are completely new in nature which has 5% higher production than main competitors; while Rieter Draw Frames are ensuring proper blending and drafting of the slivers in the spinning mills.

Mr. Schmid from Rieter disclosed that their objective is to bring new innovations to their valued customers impulsively and their presence in Bangladesh is not dissimilar from that. Rieter is working with Textile Associates since 1979. Rieter has a tremendous brand value worldwide due to their continuous research and development and quality and  service reputation. Mr. Schmid informed that among 80% of Rieter’s machinery production is for their drawing and carding machine which are extremely popular globally.

At the same time Rieter thinks that they have grabbed 40% to 45% of machinery export market along with 70% market share for Semi Automatic Rotor and 40% to 45% for Blow Room and Carding Machinery. The Sales Manager has given his details about their machinery emphasizing some key features like low energy consumption, long durability and serviceability. They feel that although they have some mentionable competitors in the field of Blow Room, Carding and Ring Frame, In Draw frame and Combing machinery they do not have any antagonism.

Rieter have already introduced auto doffing machinery which has miscellaneous benefits for the producers but the market in Bangladesh was very low for such automation. Though it is not more than 10%, the scenario is changing as people are thinking to go for auto doffing because of labor shortage. So when auto doffing will come into the picture, Rieter will have a better chance of grabbing the maximum market share. Currently some assembling of the Rieter machinery is being done in INDIA due to low cost.  As per the information given by Mr. Heinz, during the DTG 2013 they had already got an L.C from a factory in Chittagong. Pahartoli Textile Mills is going for auto doffing Ring Frame systems from Rieter.

Mr.Schmid added that, now-a-days, it is a challenge for the machinery manufacturing companies to produce such machines which is capable of reducing some steps in between the production process. Rieter’s Air Jet is such kind of machine in reality. Air Jet spinning is mainly used for viscose, rayon or blends but as Bangladesh is cotton based market it still had not caught up the market but slowly it will.

Mr. Schmid also informed that Rieter has fully fledged training program in Switzerland for its customers. When any customer buys their machinery they can send technicians for 2 or 3 weeks program depending on the size of the project. They also provide necessary local facilities in terms of after sales service, electronic service station and so on. Textile Associates are one of the few agents who have electronic service station locally beside USTER. Textile Associates are working on minimizing the downtime of the machinery and increasing the machine inventory. As per stated by Mr. Harun Ur Rashid, their main aim is to focus on the theme that your machinery must not be seated idle but runs 24 hrs a day. Rieter also provides upper management training program in Switzerland.

Bangladesh is in the top six countries considering the investment trends in the eyes of Textile Associates Managing Director Mr. Harun. Rieter and Textile Associates jointly sense that the government should extend their support to the textile sector of the country. He added that the banking is sometimes sturdy and sluggish as well in providing investment decisions.

Mr. Harun from Textile Associates articulated that participating in the grand event like DTG is always prestigious to them as exhibition itself is outstanding due to the interactions between the producers, customers and visitors. But they expressed that it could be held once in every two year instead of every year.

Mr. Schmid also told BTT that their research and development team is always working for new innovations with newer technologies and in continuation of that Rieter will stand for something unforeseen to the customers along with the competitions in the year of 2016. But beside these, they truthfully convey the complement that Bangladesh has a very good prospect in textiles and will be in the pinnacle in upcoming years. He added about their customer symposium to be held on 27th April in Dhaka where he wishes to meet their existing and prospective customers to answer more details of their queries.

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