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Rieter’s customized solutions with upgraded ring and compact spinning machines

Customized solutions to suit any customer requirement: The new ring and compact-spinning machines are highly productive, extremely flexible and save a lot of energy. But which machine is the best choice for which market, and what advantages do the new models offer?

Rieter is further upgrading its end spinning product range with the new ring spinning machines G 37 and G 38, as well as the new compact-spinning machines K 47 and K 48. The four new models join the two models already established on the market, the ring spinning machine G 32 and the compact-spinning machine K 42.

G 38 ring spinning machine by RIETER
Figure: The new G 38 ring spinning machine by RIETER.

The 8 Series – The High-Performance Machines

The machines G 38 and K 48 are particularly suitable for markets that have limited personnel availability and that require particularly high levels of flexibility and yarn quality. Machines in the 8 series enable customers to benefit from the highest levels of automation and performance.

The G 38 and K 48 are equipped with the electronic drafting system drive FLEXIdraft as standard. This reduces downtime when changing to a different yarn count and maximizes production time. The premium version of the individual spindle monitoring ISM is integrated into both models. Thereby customers can save personnel costs of about five percent compared to the G 32 and K 42.

The machine concept for the G 38 and K 48, which features double-sided suction, allows unrestricted spinning for all applications at full machine length. Thanks to the integrated VARIOspin system for slub yarns, customers can change between standard and slub yarns simply at the touch of a button.

The 7 Series – The Versatility Specialists

The models G 37 and K 47 were developed for markets where there is not a shortage of available personnel and the requirements for flexibility and yarn quality are high. They provide customers with a high level of flexibility thanks to their unrestricted application range at full machine length, also for special yarns.

Machines in the 7 series also come with the electronic drafting system drive FLEXIdraft, maximizing production time. Both models are equipped with the integrated basic version of the individual spindle monitoring ISM as standard, meaning customers can about three percent on personnel costs compared to the G 32 and K 42.

Other Advantages of the New Models

The K 47 and the K 48 are fitted with a new sieve drum, which now allows customers to spin blends containing polyester and 100% viscose alongside cotton. An impressive feature of the new K models is their unbeatably low energy requirements for compacting: less than one watt per spindle, just 20% of that of other solutions.

All four new models can be upgraded with the new LENA spindle and the highly efficient 110-kW motor, enabling customers to make further significant energy savings. The “EliTe®compact spinning system” for producing high-quality compact yarns is available as an option on the three conventional ring spinning machines G 32, G 37 and G 38.

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