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Rose Sweaters Ltd. completed 2nd dose of COVID-19 vaccine to its all workers with slogan ‘Healthy Workforce, Safe Environment and Successful Business’

After the first dose mass vaccination on July 18 to prevent COVID-19, Rose Sweaters Ltd. (unit 2) successfully done the 2nd dose vaccination (Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine) to all of its workers and staff in August 24.

Figure 1: Rose Sweaters Ltd. completed 2nd dose of the COVID-19 vaccine to its all workers with the slogan ‘Healthy Workforce, Safe Environment and Successful Business’.

Rose Sweaters Ltd. is one of the four factories that organized this mass vaccination for the workers. Phase by phase all the garment workers will be under vaccination along with their families soon to ensure the health and safety of the workers.

The pandemic situation created many uncertainties for the manufacturing companies, their workers and staff and brands also. Already fashion business has gone down all over the world and affected all the parties in the chain. Still, there are no sustainable solutions to restrain this pandemic. Only mass vaccination can give the confidence.

That is why, Bangladesh government, BGMEA, factories, brands are much concerned to complete the mass vaccination to all of the workers.

Rose Sweater did the whole vaccination program successfully in an organized way. Every floor worker came in the fixed time slot. Separate booth for male and female. After vaccination, there was a resting area for the vaccinated persons. 15 experienced volunteers gave the vaccine the whole day. Altogether Rose Sweaters Ltd. has done the whole program nicely.

Separate-vaccination-booth-females-males Separate-vaccination-booth-males-females

Figure 2: Separate vaccination booth for males and females.

Golam Hasnat, one of the workers working for more than one year at Rose Sweaters Ltd. (unit 2) shared his feeling after taking his 2nd dose vaccine.

“Thanks to our company managers to arrange the vaccination program for us here. Without any hustle we have taken the vaccine here, otherwise, we may face many problems,” Hasnat added.

Shimul Khandaker working here for the last 3 years said, “Now we are feeling confident and no one of our colleagues will feel life risk.”

“We are always concerned about our workers and staff. That is why we are actively doing such activities to keep our people safe and healthy. We always to keep the factory environment dry and floor clean,” said Rajesh Saha, Director, Rose Sweaters Ltd.

Figure 3: Rajesh Saha, Director, Rose Sweaters Ltd. visiting the booths.

Not only the textile and garments industry, but all the industry peoples should also be under vaccination soon to keep the economy wheel moving, he added further.

Unawareness problem among the workers

It is found that many workers are ignorant about the necessity of vaccination. They are not interested to take a vaccine from fear and hesitation. Rose Sweater did many awareness activities among the workers to take the vaccine during the first dose vaccination.

Most female workers were needed counseling that why they should take the vaccine. Finally, all the workers and staff (2100+) have taken the two doses of vaccine of Rose Sweaters Ltd. (unit 2).

Moderna-COVID-19-Vaccine-workers-Rose-Sweaters-Ltd Moderna-COVID-19-Vaccine-Rose-Sweaters-Ltd

Figure 4: Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine has been given to 2100+ workers and staff of Rose Sweaters Ltd.

This is the ground scenario of the factories. That’s why more awareness programs and activities should be done in the factories so that workers willingly take the vaccine for their safety and confidence.

Rose Sweaters Ltd. corona precautionary activities

From the beginning of this pandemic, the company took many initiatives to ensure workers’ safety following BGMEA guidelines.

  • Measure body temperature of every worker before entering the factory
  • Random body temperature check in the floor
  • Hand wash station
  • PA system announcement to stay cautious
  • Regular counseling program on how to adjust workplace, personal life, social life in this pandemic situation, etc.

“Our buyer M&S helps us to arrange this vaccination program. We wholeheartedly give thanks to our buyer, the government, BGMEA, Care Bangladesh, Gazipur Civil Surgeon office and the volunteers also,” said the company Chairman P.K. Saha.

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