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RUDOLF GROUP seminar on sustainability

‘Think ahead for sustainability’ on this motto of specialty chemicals company RUDOLF GROUP. The company arranged a customer seminar on 4th December at Westin Hotel in Dhaka. Dr. Oliver Kusterle, General Manager Asia, RUDOLF GROUP began the seminar by delivering a brief overview on RUDOLF GROUP. He illustrated that Rudolf Group has been serving the market for more than 17 years from Germany with 900 products and they started direct operations in Bangladesh from October 2014. Afterward two presentations has been made by two technical professionals from RUDOLF GROUP. Bernd Kaiser, Product Manager PC pision, RUDOLF GROUP delivered his presentation on ‘Sustainability in pretreatment and dyeing of cotton’.

Fig- Bernd Kaiser, Product Manager PC pision, RUDOLF GROUP is delivering his presentation in the seminar

Followed by a break, Harald Wagner, Product Manager, EC pision, RUDOLF GROUP flaunted his presentation on ‘FINISHING with RUDOLF – get a good feeling’. He focused mainly high and hydrophilic softening with silicons. He introduced quaternary modified polysiloxanes silicone quats.

Previously RUDOLF global team introduced its BD team as Soumitra Ganguly, Country Manager RUDOLF Bangladesh and Sujit Saha Roy, Manager Technical, RUDOLF Bangladesh.

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