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RUNHE, an award winning R&D based fast growing company

RUNHE Company, which contains the management idea ‘Quality makes the excellence’, is committed for development, production and application of new materials of textile chemicals and organic silicone materials. After 16 years of healthy and rapid development, RUNHE has become the largest manufacturer of block silicone oil and textiles finishing agent. Its products include silicone oil, soft flakes, dyeing adjuvant, silicone new materials, special surfactant etc. The products are being exported worldwide. In December 2016 it opened a new factory, which has a annual production capacity of all kinds of textiles adjuvants 50000mt,including block silicone crude oil 150000mt, the intermediates of block silicone oil 5000mt,all kinds of block silicone oil emulsion 25000mt.

In a talk with Textile Today President of Runhe Chemical Industry David Ye has mentioned that “Because of absorbing advanced technology and experience from home and abroad, Our company is being innovative unceasingly, keep after break through, research and development. RUNHE have developed remarkable advances in a few years, and have become one of the mercerized smooth agent supplier and famous textile auxiliary agent supplier and organic silicone new material in the world.

Figure 1: Runhe Chemical Industry team with Textile Today editor in front of Runhe stall in China Interdye 2017 exhibition. At the middle from left to right Amin, Country Manager, Bangladesh and David Ye, President, Runhe Chemical Industry.
Figure 1: Runhe Chemical Industry team with Textile Today editor in front of Runhe stall in China Interdye 2017 exhibition. At the middle from left to right Amin, Country Manager, Bangladesh and David Ye, President, Runhe Chemical Industry.

Company Holding

RUNHE has strength in technology development, efficient management, product development, production, application and development of environmental protection as well as the import and export. The company is one of the specialized national high-tech enterprises. At first it established Ningbo Runhe Chemical Industry Co., Ltd at Ninghai in December of 2000, after that it established Zhejiang Runhe Chemical New Material Co., Ltd at Hangzhou in 2004 and then it established Zhejiang Runhe Organo silicone New Material Co., Ltd at Deqing in 2007. Finally, in 2015, RUNHE combined this three companies form a new company, Ningbo Runhe High-Tech Material Co., Ltd.

RUNHE Holding has three product departments, from where products are distributed in 12 series like block silicone oil, fabric finishing agent,pre-treatment agent, dyeing auxiliaries, soft flake, silicone rubber, silicone resin, silicone surfactants, Vinyl silicone oil, alkyl phenyl silicone oil, special end capped polyether, special surfactants etc.

The three product departments are:

  1. Textile Chemicals Department
  2. Organosilicone new materials department
  3. Special polyether surface-active agent department

RUNHE innovation

For promoting the marketing concept of technological innovation, and constantly improve the ability of independent innovation RUNHE build 1700 square meters of provincial high-tech enterprise research and development center. In addition, it has a complete new product development system; Experimental analysis equipped with excellent experimental equipment. On the other hand it has advanced gas chromatography, high-performance liquid chromatography, atomic absorption spectrophotometer mass spectrometry, infrared spectroscopy, GPC, TGA, TGA breakdown voltage tester, swash plate tracking tester etc.

In recent years, RUNHE holding consecutive got national high-tech enterprises, the provincial high-tech enterprises research and development center of science, technology enterprises in Zhejiang Province, the provincial famous trademarks such as the honorary title, and won more than 30 patents.

RUNHE always pay attention to the introduction and training of professional and technical personnel; focus on technological innovation, increase investment in R & D costs and focus on R & D, production and sales, to strengthen domestic and international technical exchanges and cooperation.

RUNHE persons constantly seek improvement with the spirit of endless pursuit, continuous development and always adhering to the innovation and development, which make a win-win business philosophy, service enterprises, feedback Society. RUNHE Holding will rely on high-quality technology and services, to create a global new brand of chemical!

Effective guarantee for new product

To provide effective guarantee for new product, RUNHE carry out strict checks on the raw materials to identify the composition and structure of various chemical and new products. In production, for all equipment RUNHE adopted the advanced DCS remote simulation automatic control system. RUNHE Holding uses the latest fine chemical technology, nanotechnology, polymer materials technology and textile dyeing and finishing technology, is committed to the development of new products, to provide customers with high value-added products.

Products of RUNHE Holding are exported to the United States, South America, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia and Taiwan, Japan, South Korea.

Official Recognition

RUNHE holding takes the foot on “quality first”, walking along “Green environmental protection”, take the lead to get ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System Certification, ISO14001:2004 Environment Management System Certification, Swiss SGS certification and certification authority.

Social Responsibility

Set up a scholarship & cooperation with Zhejiang University, Wuhan Textile University, Shandong University, Zhejiang University of Science and Technology, Hangzhou Normal University, the establishment of national organic silicone laboratory etc.

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