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“We are seeing a growing trend towards sustainability by brands and buyers”

Sandeep Dave, Country Head, Apna Organics Pvt Ltd, has expressed his thoughts about his expectation for the year 2022, hurdles the Bangladesh textile and apparel may face and the way out of the challenges.

COVID-19 has impacted the whole world over the last two years and the global apparel industry has been going through a series of uncertain situations. The situation started to improve with positive growth in the year 2021 after an exerted effort made by the industry stakeholders. IMF’s October 2021 forecast depicted that the global economy is projected to grow 5.9 percent in 2021 and 4.9 percent in 2022 in contrast to 2020 growth of (-)3.1 percent. This data is showing that we have a positive future ahead.

Figure: Sandeep Dave, Country Head, Apna Organics Pvt Ltd.

Textile Today: What is your expectation from 2022 and onward days?

Sandeep Dave: We have seen an upheaval of markets in 2020 and 2021 due to the COVID 19 pandemic. We expect to see stabilization of these markets as we expect to maintain our double-digit growth in the last couple of years. We are seeing a growing trend towards sustainability by brands and buyers which may boom into something substantial once the markets stabilize.

Textile Today: What are the key challenges you would like to address for the textile & apparel industry?

Sandeep Dave:  They are always going to be challenges in the manufacturing industry and the biggest one we see price instability across the entire textile value chain. Also, we see the adoption of sustainable practices as a challenge as these practices will challenge the orthodox system that has been in place for several years.

Textile Today: How can we overcome such challenges to grow further?

Sandeep Dave:  These challenges can be resolved by being proactive and taking small steps. In regards to the price instability, proper planning and understanding market trends might help. While in regards to the adoption of sustainable practices, we need to educate the benefits of these new systems over the old practices. We should take the help of our media partners, Textile Today in reaching out and understanding the difficulties and addressing them accordingly.

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