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Saurer presents a range of new products at ITMA 2019

The Saurer Group is a leading globally operating technology group focusing on machinery and components for yarn processing. At ITMA 2019 in Barcelona, Saurer presented a range of new products, demonstrating its continual drive for innovation to customers and the industry.

AutoBD: A rotor-spinning machine that is based on a new concept and which can be fitted with the automation solutions of the legendary Autocoro. It can optionally be fitted with the new, lubrication-free rotor bearing, no lubrication is required over its entire lifetime.

Saurer AutoBD rotor spinning

With the AutoBD, Saurer is particularly helping companies that must make plans to achieve new competitiveness on the international textile markets despite their decreasing personnel resources.

Autocard and Autodraw: It offers the right solutions for preparation of all kinds of fibers for the subsequent processes. The right combination of blow room, carding and draw frame ensures fiber utilization and sliver quality for high efficiency and yarn quality in spinning.

Saurer Autodraw

Autoconer: Up to four ring-spinning machines can be linked to one Autoconer via MultiLink. This makes automation possible in situations where it was previously not economical: where space is cramped or limited, typical of the replacement segment.

Saurer Autoconer

Saurer intelligent embroidery solution: Epoca 7 sets new standards in terms of productivity, with an increase of up to 25% compared to its predecessor. It also boasts a speed of up to 700 rpm. The machine requires 5% less energy than its forerunner, even when machine speed is increased by 18%.

Saurer Epoca7

Secos 2.0: The latest version of Secos 2.0 contains numerous improvements and innovative assistance functions- photo catalogs of the most common wear parts in the e-shop, an automatic display of all machine-related customer data and simple order tracking.

Saurer Secos

Secos makes every customer’s personal data available to them in the portal and automatically loads a customer-specific overview of all of their installed Saurer machines, including manuals, original spare parts catalogs, updates and upgrades and current offers.

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