Schlafhorst’s 2.5 millionth Autoconer winding unit was put into operation

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The 2.5-millionth Autoconer winding unit was put into operation in this running year. This record is a milestone in Schlafhorst’s successful company history and shows how much trust the textile industry has in its technological leadership. For over half a century, the German textile machinery manufacturer has been determining the technical and technological progress in package winding with the Autoconer.

The era of automatic package winding began in 1962. The sales success was staggering as early as the preview three years prior at the ITMA in Milan in 1959, the revolutionary concept of the Autoconer sparked enthusiasm among the experts in the textile industry. Since then, the name Autoconer has been the synonym for automatic package winding. Today, Autoconer packages are still the global benchmark for quality and efficiency.

Figure: Two pictures show the Schlafhorst Autoconer 1 and Autoconer 6 evolution, indicates a great success and contribution to the global textile industry.
Figure: Two pictures show the Schlafhorst Autoconer 1 and Autoconer 6 evolution, indicates a great success and contribution to the global textile industry.

The history of the Autoconer is characterized by a long list of ground-breaking inventions that have always increased customer benefits. Every product generation of the Autoconer exceeded the industry’s expectations regarding efficiency and technology. Revolutionary splicing technology, innovative sensor technology and control systems, the unique FX technologies and intelligent automation systems became state of the art, which is great contribution of Schlafhorst.

Commodity spinning mills and specialists across the globe are still optimizing their value chain this day with the Autoconer. “The Autoconer shaped the industry’s history”, said the Schlafhorst Product Manager responsible, Peter Gölden. He also said, “Spinning mills have chosen an Autoconer winding unit 2.5 million times. To grasp that in numbers: the productivity potential behind that allows to process the production of more than 100 million ring spinning spindles! This unique trust is a major incentive for us to continue to sustainably shape the technical progress in the package winding sector with pioneering innovations in future.”

Various Autoconer model like Autoconer 107, Autoconer 138, Autoconer 238, Autoconer 338, Autoconer 5, Autoconer 6 are giving huge benefit to the textile industry in the world.

In its 55-year history, the Autoconer has always celebrated its success at the hotspots of the textile industry. The first Autoconer generations were primarily sold in Europe and North America where the demand for automation of the textile industry was already quite advanced. Nowadays, the strongest key markets are in Asia. Schlafhorst presented the 2.5-millionth milestone winding unit to the Indian textile company Kanchan India Ltd at the INDIA ITME 2016.


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