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SDC EC highlights fashion towards a circular economy

SDC EC 13th international conference has effectively organized the 13th international conference on ‘Innovations in Textile Technology and Fashion towards a Circular Economy’, on 6 June 2018 in Mumbai.

SDC EC 13th international conference
Figure: The SDC EC has successfully organized the 13th international conference on ‘Innovations in Textile Technology and Fashion towards a Circular Economy’, in June 2018 at Hotel Sahara Star, in Mumbai.

Dr. Graham Clayton, CEO, SDC UK shared his view and plan for ‘SDC–Global Vision’ at the conference. The SDC has now moved onto a concept of an online virtual learning environment by conducting online courses which contain updated ASDC module material. The format of this is very much designed to meet the needs of today’s learners with mobile and 24/7 access, containing manageable material to enable students to ‘earn and learn’.

SDC EC said in a press release, “The textile industry is struggling to reduce its footprint and one of the promising pathways to this is to embrace the concept of the ‘Circular Economy’. The technology and fashion segments of the textile supply chain can benefit immensely if they work in tandem with each other.”

The conference was focused on dyes and chemicals compliance, sustainable business strategies and ideas to support the textile computation industry. A technical presentation on the circular economy – Innovations in design and supply chain management was given by Felix A. K Pinto, Sales Director, South Asia, South East Asia & ANZ, X Rite India Pvt. Ltd.

Highlighting the importance of color and helping the brands in selecting the right color he mentioned the challenges in the production process and total appearance capture system that consist of camera that can scan the object from every angle helps in visualizing the product.

He introduced the Pantone cloud- its tools and concept of 3-D object making that can reduce the cycle of prototype and sampling in the garment industry that can help in reducing waste. “Sustainable production 3-D object making can help in reducing the steps of making prototypes and wastage of resources,” he concluded.

Manish Mandhana, Joint Managing Director, Mandhana Industries Ltd., talked about the harmful impact of garment manufacturing and discharge of effluents in the environment. He emphasized on waste management, audits, unions, committees, safe working environment, and facilities to workers in industries.

Based on the theme ‘Innovations in Textile Technology and Fashion towards a Circular Economy’, the conference also hosted various programs like seminars, presentations and panel discussions.

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