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In search of leadership skills to lead in future

Leadership skill is the ultimate skill in a human being. Humans possess many types of leadership skills. At first, a leader has to identify the types of leadership skill one has. It is vital to achieving success in any arena.

Be it to make a team-high performer, or motivating and engaging if required. Here finding one’s unique blend of skillset is a paramount prerequisite. As this will give a person to nurture for the future. For example, an innovative person always focuses on people, works with a far reach view, also tries utmost to develop a culture, and result-oriented.

Figure: Finding one’s unique blend of skillset is a paramount prerequisite.

Further, there are also few faces of leadership such as: –

  • Domination to control people
  • Transactional negotiation
  • Inspiration is for transformational
  • Co-creation

These are inclusion types and it always depends on the person and needs to change according to their level.

Another very significant class of a leader is situational leadership, for example, when a person is head of a team and the team is having low commitment and competence, then through coaching lead to upgrade.

Another scenario is they might have low competence but high commitment. Then the leader needs to direct them in a proper direction to grow, and the person who is having both high competence and commitment needs to delegate more. In another scenario, if the person has high competence but low commitment then the leader needs to be in a supporting role.

But a leader always needs to assess his/her employees’ ability, willingness and confidence before deciding the approach. And need to work alongside to get involved to determine the right approach.

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