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SEZ is the first gateway for development of North Bengal

Bangladesh government has planned to set up more than 100 special economic zones by 2030 across the country in all potential areas. Among all, Sirajganj Economic Zone Ltd. (SEZL) is the biggest privately owned economic zone in Bangladesh. It will be a green economic zone and the first gateway to the development of the North Bengal. SEZ is located in the west side of Bangabandhu Bridge at Sirajganj district. The investment of this mega project amounted to USD 32 billion.

Sirajganj Economic Zone
Figure 1: Animated view of proposed Sirajganj Economic Zone Ltd. (SEZL).

The zone is envisaged to be developed over a land area of approx. 1041.43 acres. It is very well connected through the river, rail, road, and air, targeting to create a total employment of approx. 500,000 people. The entrepreneurs for the economic zone are titled ‘Sirajganj Economic Zone Limited’ and has been formed by a consortium of eleven companies and individuals. All the companies and individuals are well-reputed entities of Bangladesh and has a rich experience in the industrial business. Here, Mahmud Group is one of the proud partners of SEZ.

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Knit Asia Ltd, Rising Holdings Limited, Textown Limited, Esquire Knit Composite Ltd., Manami Fashion, Ratul Knit Wear Limited, SM Industrial Holding, Paragon Feed, Change Bangladesh and Mohammad Kamruzaman, PhD. from the Technische Universität Dresden, Germany are among other partners.

Why investing at SEZ?

  • Available land
  • Attractive incentives from the government
  • Well connected by rail, road, air, and water
  • Hazardous solid waste disposal facility
  • Moderate climate
  • Access to labor pool
  • Availability of feedstock nearby
  • Effluent collection, treatment, and disposal facility etc.

This mega project has been designed dedicatedly. We all the entrepreneurs are committed not to harm the environment but to contribute in the national economy.

Rafee Mahmood, Director, Mahmud Group

Key features of SEZ

  • Central supply of utilities like water, electricity, alternative power, steam etc. from integral source.
  • The proposed ICD (Inland Container Deport) in Western Side of Bangabandhu Bridge is only at 1 km distance from SEZ. This will facilitate the export through Chattogram and Mongla seaport.
  • The project stands beside the river Jamuna having a frontage 4 km. The integral jetty of SEZ will ease the transportation of imported raw material from the seaports to SEZ as well as transportation of export items from SEZ to the seaports.
  • Disposal of industrial wastes through Central Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) with zero discharge.
  • One-stop custom house solutions.
  • Administrative and logistic facilities.
  • Central fire-fighting facilities.
  • Provision of the ready factory for sale or long-term lease with full compliance besides its core product rental of industrial land.
  • Commercial facilities like financial institutions, retail shops, restaurants etc.
  • Technical institutions to train the labor, technicians, and
  • Marine drive road, recreation centers, amusement parks etc. for refreshment.

Expected industry segments SEZ

SEZ project got all the licenses last year and now it’s in landfilling stage. Rafee Mahmood, Director, Mahmud Group said Textile Today in a discussion that, “Landfilling will be finished hopefully within two years and then we will move for construction works.”

About 400 factories from different heavy industry will get plots. The entrepreneurs are encouraging foreign investors to invest here.

Sirajganj Economic Zone layout
Figure 2: Layout plan of SEZ showing the individual zone for the industries.

Local people are happy because they will get a job here since this northern part is an underdeveloped area of Bangladesh. But now it is getting the momentum. There were a total of 756 families used to dwell in the procured land of the project. SEZ authority has deliberately plan to rehabilitation program (in addition to payment of financial benefit against the land, household, and crop) with a plot area of 5.12 decimal each with following urban facilities like educational institute, graveyard, surface water source, market, playground, commercial area etc.

“This mega project has been designed dedicatedly. We all the entrepreneurs are committed not to harm the environment but to contribute in the national economy,” Rafee Mahmood stated.

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