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Shasha Denims becomes recycling partner of re: newcell AB

Recently Shasha Denims Ltd has been announced as the recycling partner of re: newcell AB

Shasha Denims Ltd has shipped 8 tons of pre-consumer waste for recycling by re: newcell. re: newcell guarantees that the waste will not be incinerated, landfilled or sold to others.

Recycling with re: newcell prevents greenhouse gas emissions from incineration and landfills. It also decreases land, water and energy use in the production of new textiles.

Martin Stentors, VP, Sourcing and Supply Chain of re: newcell AB, said, “Shasha Denims Ltd is a highly valued partner to re: newcell AB in its mission to make fashion sustainable. To underline this. Shasha Denims Ltd is hereby granted the right to display the ‘re: rnewcell recycling partner’ symbol in all channels for the duration of 12 months from 1st September 2014.”

“After becoming the second denim mill in the world to be awarded the Nordic Swan, now we have achieved the biggest impact in the denim industry globally, by becoming the first denim company to be awarded with the re:newcell Certificate. This shows the strength we have developed as a company from our very own concept of Balance and Low impact jeans to making the concept of circularity a reality for the denim industry by taking all factors into consideration,” said Shams Mahmud, Commercially Important Person (CIP) and Managing Director of Shasha Denims Ltd.

“Moreover, this has proved that the label ‘Made in Bangladesh’ is going from strength to strength and we are slowly but surely stamping our research and development into the industry globally. Again, I am so proud today of my family and the fact this has been done with homegrown Bangladeshi R&D team,” he added.

The Swedish innovation company re: newcell AB has developed a patented process for recycling of cellulosic based textiles, such as cotton and viscose. The process reduces transport distances, allow more land for food production and reduce waste. The aim of re: newcell is to make fashion sustainable.

According to re: newcell AB, if one kilo of clothing is recycled instead of being produced from virgin sources, it saves thousands of liters of water and decreases emissions of both CO2 and chemicals.

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