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Shasha Denims brings sustainable ‘Balance Low Impact’ solution after ‘Balance’

After ‘Balance’ Shasha Denims Ltd. brought ‘Balance Low Impact’ – a sustainable solution for the denim industry from process to product. The fabric produced with this concept is more ozone and laser process friendly.

Shasha Denims Balance Low Impact
Figure 1: The denim fabric produced with ‘Balance Low Impact’ concept is more ozone & laser process friendly.

In this journey of sustainability Jamal Abdun Naser, Director of Shasha Denims said, “This innovation process will be continued and Shasha will bring many more solutions to the denim industry towards

Currently, their production capacity stands at 33.6 million yards per year.

Core points of ‘Balance Low Impact’ concept

  • ‘Balance Low Impact’ fiber: Fiber part will be either with PCW, Organic, Tencel, Modal, Repreve or Recycled Elastane etc.
  • ‘Balance Low Impact’ dyeing: Water consumption is 60% to 80% less than any conventional process in the world. Chemical consumption is 40% to 60% less.
  • ‘Balance Low Impact’ finishing: 92% saving of water by Jeanologia G2 process.
  • ‘Balance Low Impact’ laundry: The fabric produced with the concept ‘Balance Low Impact’ is suitable for ‘Low Impact Laundry’ i.e. quick wash down and suitable for ozone & laser process.

Shashas’ journey towards sustainability

SDL is working everyday with their employees, workers, and stakeholders at different levels across the world to become an example of how a denim maker in Bangladesh is taking on a global challenge of being greener, more sustainable and energy efficient to provide the highest quality of denim yet service the world.

“Shasha has a specific objective which is to contribute to the greener denim world,” Abdun Naser added. He also addressed the ‘sustainability’ as an ongoing process that has to be practiced.

Shasha right now in that journey of sustainability and they want it to conclude shortly to declare themselves as a 100% green denim producer. This ‘Balance Low Impact’ is the step of the journey which next step will be
‘Balance Low Impact Plus’.

What buyers are thinking

“We are getting very good feedback from the buyers and they are frequently visiting us. They are amazed to see a factory from Bangladesh doing such exceptional things also giving solutions to them,” Abdun Naser said in a calm mood!

Shasha Denims Jamal Abdun Naser
Figure 2: Jamal Abdun Naser, Director of Shasha Denims Ltd.

When the term ‘sustainability’ came in the denim sector, the manufacturers started to say that they are green without any proper authentication which makes thing harder for the real practicing people. This is true that achieving 100% sustainability in the denim sector is not possible but by practicing, it could be taken to a certain level. Shasha is exactly doing that thing and ethically they own this concept.

Abdun Naser also added that, “We don’t prefer to use the term ‘sustainability’ as a marketing tool rather we want to contribute more in this journey to the greener world.”

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Shasha also wants to keep their activities transparent for all stakeholders so that no one raises the question. They believe that sustainability and fashion should go parallelly. Because without fashion, people won’t buy products whatever it is sustainable or not!

Abdun Naser concluded by saying, “All the manufacturers should be transparent and educate the stakeholders that how things go on the ground and how they are contributing towards sustainability.”

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