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Sheima Seiki releases data for Wholegarment knitting masks

Shima Seiki from Wakayama, Japan, a leading manufacturer of computerized flatbed knitting machine industry has released knitting data of producing 3D knitted version masks in light of the recent worldwide shortage of surgical masks due to the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus.

The released data represents producing masks on its Wholegarment knitting machine made of cotton masks knitted on SWG041N2, SWG061N2, and SWG091N2. These are also known as Wholegarment Mini type machines that are suited to the production of small accessory items, in 15 gauge.

According to the press release, these data can be downloaded from Shima Seiki User’s Site where there are over 10,000 knit samples are archived for use by Shima Seiki Customers.

These seam-free 3D Wholegarment masks are superior in terms of fitting and comfort. The ear straps are knitted in one piece together which reduces stress on the ears and in this quick response production, it is required no further swing. For viruses and other filtering, a filter pouch is also knitted.

These cotton knitted masks are washable and reusable repeatedly. However, it should be noted that knit masks do not have viruses and pollen filtration functionality like common non-woven surgical masks. These are mainly used for the prevention of coughing and sneezing and reducing exposure to allergens.

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