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Shima Seiki & Pacific Associates Ltd. jointly introducing training to develop operator’s skill

As an established market for knitwear manufacturing, Bangladesh has seen a significant increase in knit production for export purposes in recent years. At the same time, buyers are demanding quicker turnaround for orders with more variety. Add to that the current demand for higher wages and improved working conditions, and the result is the current trend in transference of technology from manually operated hand-flat knitting machines to computerized flat knitting machines. From now onward the leading computerized knitting machine manufacturer SHIMA SEIKI of Japan in cooperation with its partner PACIFIC ASSOCIATES LTD Bangladesh are jointly introducing a Training Institute to develop the operator’s skill for customer’s ultimate satisfaction which can enhance the Fashion design system for Sweater knitting Industries. Everyone can get Training facilities such as Basic, Secondary & Advance course from this institute.

Advantage of design system:   SDS-ONE-APEX3, it is SHIMTRONIC Design system featuring everything you need to create high-quality productions with high fashion appeal.

 1. Planning / Design:

  • Fashion Illustrations
  • Spec Sheets
  • Color ways
  • Design Database.

 2. Patterning:

  • Patternmaking
  • Grading
  • Marking

 3. Knit Programming:

  • Knit CAD
  • Auto Software
  • Visual Shaping

  4. Virtual Sampling:

  • Yearn Design
  • Simulation
  • Mapping
  • 3D Virtual Sample

  5. Sales Promotion:

  • Posters
  • Catalogues and POP Material*3D Presentation


 SDS-ONE APEX3 (3D apparel design system)

An “all-in-one” 3D design system that supports all aspects of fashion design and production in the textile industries, from spinning and dying yarns simulating fabric mages, creating pattern data to sales promotion. SDS-ONE APEX3 is at the core of SHIMA SEIKI’s Total Knitting System and Total Fashion System concepts, allowing smooth workflow from planning, design and programming to production. APEX 3 also improves on the planning process through photo-realistic simulation capability, effectively reducing time, material and cost from the sampling process with Virtual Sampling in 3D. APEX 3 can create product images in 3D. And that, APEX3 is easier to operate. You don’t need any difficult operations and knowledge of 3D. The shape is completed in a moment. The variations of collar designs created in the same way. With 3D simulation, you can evaluate the product image from all angles by rotating the model. We now introduce a new function “Real-time 3D view”. With Real-time 3D view when you edit the knit pattern on a 2D screen, the change is reflected instantly in the 3D body. We are going to make a structure design a rich store of database.

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