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Silver Line Group: Proper safety measures taken to fight covid 19

Silver Line Group has taken all kinds of safety measures to fight against Corona Virus in Silver Line Group Offices and Factories. Every garment and textile worker in Silver Line Group factory in Gazipur is wearing masks and washing their hands before entering the factories. Also Silver Line Group has set up disinfection booth to ensure safety for the workers, said Helal Mohammed Nuri, CEO of Silver Line Group.

Also there are thermal scanners (for measuring temperature), available masks, hand wash and sanitizers for workers to curb the spread of the virus in garment and textile factory.


To grow awareness in the workers Silver Line Group has created a 14 team members task force who are running awareness campaigns through hourly announcements, distributing leaflets, by setting up awareness banners in every corner of the factory and holding weekly health meetings with workers.

Every vehicle entering Silver Line Group premises is disinfected by trained workers and guards. Company vehicles, office premises and machines are being disinfected regularly to ensure safety.

“All safety measures are being taken during the workers’ entry to the factory. We are checking their temperature, asking them to wash hands thoroughly and providing them with masks,” said Major Md. Zahedur Rahman, Senior GM of Administration and Operation.


Silver Line Group has it’s own medical center and we have two doctors who are present here in the factory for 24 hours a day and we have created a medical team of 16 people who are being trained by our doctors and this team is working on the safety of the workers and workplace round the clock, he added.

“As a factory that has customers like H & M, Walmart, JC Penney, Zaara, TCP ETC, we have started this practice since the very beginning of January, when the coronavirus outbreak began in China,” said Umrao Sher Singh Uppal, Chief Marketing Officer of Silver Line Group.

“As an apparel factory is a highly labor-concentrated workplace, we want to ensure that everyone is safe in our factory,” he said, adding, “The coronavirus pandemic that is sweeping throughout the world is having a drastic effect on everyone’s lives.

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