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Sinha Knitting Ltd is moving towards automation

For several reasons, including productivity increase and fast fashion trends, automation is becoming a crying need in the garments manufacturing process. Following this latest trends, Sinha Knitting Ltd is adopting automation in their production process.

FT Research Team

Sinha Knitting Limited, a sister concern of Opex and Sinha Group, has taken a challenging decision of adopting automation. The company is going to install 54 new state-of-the-art machinery that will allow producing 30 tons of finer quality fabric per day.

Sinha Knitting Ltd going for automation
Figure 1: Sinha Knitting Ltd going for significant automation within the next few months.

The knitting division is going for a major technology transformation very soon to cater to the growing demand of the textile industry. As its machinery was installed back in 90’s and updated time to time, but still a large portion of the machines remain semi-automated.

“We are reinvesting on this plant to be fully automated. We have already started working with suppliers and technical supporters,” emphasized Md. Shah Alam Dalim, Director of Knitting & Dyeing, said Textile Today.

Opex and Sinha Group started its journey in 1996 at Kanchpur, Dhaka. Opex and Sinha Textile group is the country’s largest integrated company. They have spinning, weaving, knitting, yarn dyeing, fabric dyeing, washing, and sewing line. Being a fully compliant factory they accomplished the majority of the parameters set by the Accord and Alliance.

We are reinvesting on this plant to be fully automated. We have already started working with suppliers and technical supporters.

Md. Shah Alam Dalim, Director, Knitting & Dyeing, Sinha

Shah Alam Dalim, who has 25 years combined experience in the textile industry, said, “Sinha Knitting Limited started its journey as the subsidiary of the group. The project is very much quality concern and at present, the knitting capacity is 12 tons per day.”

Currently, the dyeing unit capacity is 14 tons and they are using Fong’s high temperature and high-pressure fabric dyeing machine. Additional four machines are going to be added in dyeing and finishing section that will increase the dyeing and finishing capacity to 20 tons per day.

Shah Alam Dalim Director Sinha Knitting Ltd
Figure 2: Md. Shah Alam Dalim, Director of Knitting & Dying.

“For knitting garments production, now they have 24 lines, in November of this year, it will be 32 lines and within one year, total lines will be 60,” he added.

Levis and Levis Hybrid is their main buyer, in addition, they are also manufacturing garments for VF Asia, Crocodile, Tola Vintage and Norwest. The environment is always a big concern for Sinha Knitting, it has central biological ETP.

In Sinha Knitting Ltd, workers enjoy obligatory 5% compensation increment as per company rule and service benefit after their retirement.

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