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Soko offers top-notch process optimized solutions for denim wash

Based in Italy – one of the cradles of fashion – Soko Chimica Srl started the business three generations ago providing Chemical auxiliaries for the textile industry. Now Soko has a global network and is represented in Asia, North Africa and the Americas. Its growth continues thanks to the passion and experience of the skilled team always striving for a new solution.

Matteo A. Urbani
Figure 1: Matteo A. Urbini, Managing Director, Soko Chimica Srl.

Textile Today: What are the Chemicals you offering for the textile and apparel industry in this Denim Expo?

Matteo A. Urbini: Every year, Soko Chimica participates in the Bangladesh Denim Expo as the Bangladesh market is one of the most important markets for us and this expo is significant. This time we are launching some of our latest innovations and showcasing our strong products for the Bangladesh market. Soko’s strength is innovation and not only do we provide conventional Chemical products – rather we provide comprehensive and innovative solutions for day-to-day problems that garment manufacturers face during production.

Textile Today: What are the new/special products among them? Share some features of the products.

Matteo A. Urbini: At Denim Expo, we have launched the most innovative and sustainable ‘Soko Stardust’ – its specialty is that it can solve a lot of denim wash-related issues. Stardust only consists of a single compound and gives your denim from a raw look, to vintage premium or heavy wash look. Stardust is sustainable as it avoids stone wash and is able to provide extreme and efficient fusion abrasion. It also has less Chemical process required as everything is included in it without the use of stones – starting from the waterless condition. In conventional denim washing machine, Stardust requires really less amount of water. Finally, with ozone cleaning, Stardust will provide a perfect vintage wash look.

Thus, Stardust creates a strong abrasion on the garments without the bath of water which the dry ozone will enhance and complete.

Soko Stardust
Figure 2: Soko Stardust features.

Textile Today: How does Black Magic of SOKO/Pure Chemicals can help to optimize Sulphur bleaching? What is the impact of Sustainability? 

Matteo A. Urbini: Black Magic is also a pretty successful solution globally and in Bangladesh. We call Black Magic ‘the Bleaching Wizard.’ Black Magic optimizes the Sulphur bleach by reducing the processes. Instead of two/three conventional bath – Black Magic requires single bath at low temperatures. Saving time (30 minutes), less fabric stress, less dangerous Chemicals, ensuring energy saving and giving black denim a better hand-feel.

Overall, a practical and cost-effective solution for the denim market.

Textile Today: How does SOKO Chimica-Italy see Bangladesh’s market potential?

Matteo A. Urbini: We are operating in Bangladesh for many years. The transformation of Bangladesh’s denim and overall textile processing industry is huge. It has made some big strides in process innovation. And I have no doubt that the country will continuously make strides as a denim manufacturing leader.

And we are really happy to see that Soko Chimica has a good number of customers in the country.

Textile Today: Say something about the recent R&D of Soko. How is it contributing to enhancing product quality through its Chemicals and services?

Matteo A. Urbini: Soko always focuses on innovation. We have a state-of-the-art research lab with a small washing unit inside to test the Chemical solutions which we provide to the market. Meaning all the Chemical solutions Soko makes – we tested in our washing facility before bringing them to the market. So, it is part of our DNA to ensure innovative solutions to the market. Soko Chimica’s target is to be one of the key innovators providing not only new products – rather new ideas, concepts and solutions.

Textile Today: There is continuous price pressure from brands and buyers. How Soko can help here? And what do you want to remark your customers about your products and services specialties?

Matteo A. Urbini: Soko’s solutions are best fitted for customers and top-notch process-optimized solutions ultimately bring down production cost – which is a must in today’s continuous price pressure scenario. Our products are not only innovative – they can bring down the costs of denim makers.

From my experience, I will say that the best solution comes from the best raw materials. So, whenever the best available tools are being used – it will bring the best results in terms of more efficiency and lower cost. Like I said before, Soko not only provides solutions, but we also provide services. That is why we are regularly visiting the countries with our expert technician teams where our products are being used – to give technical services to our customers and to serve the markets.

I wish the best of luck for the Bangladesh denim market – as it is one of the very best denim manufacturing hubs globally. And Soko is very proud that we can contribute to the country’s denim industry.

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