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Songjog comes in aid of the crisis-hit people

Since it first emerged in Wuhan, China in late 2019, coronavirus has already spread all over the world in an epidemic form, due to which people of the low-income brackets in different countries including Bangladesh are struggling to maintain their lives. They are passing their days half-fed or unfed.

During the two-month-long shutdown enforced by the government in Bangladesh to slow the spread of the coronavirus, different political, voluntary and socio-cultural organizations have come forward to stand by the helpless people.

Using social media like Facebook, many philanthropic persons are making attempts to raise funds for the poor, destitute and crisis-hit people during the ongoing countrywide shutdown. It’s worth mentioning that some pages and groups have been created on Facebook appealing the wealthy section of the society to help the people hit hard by the current crisis.

Figure: Ahmed Javed Jamal.

With the aim of helping people to cope with the prevailing situation, Ahmed Javed Jamal, an engineer by profession and ex-student of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET in brief) opened a page named ‘Songjog, Connecting People’ on Facebook in late March this year, who has been also contributing to the textile industry for a long time.

From the beginning, Songjog has been carrying out different humanitarian works to bring a smile on the faces of helpless people.

While asked about its objectives, the page’s creator Ahmed Javed Jamal said, Songjog will acts as a charitable organization, adding that they will make plans in the days to come about how to stay close to the disaster-affected people.

Songjog will work as a bridge between donors and aid receivers instead of raising funds, he said.

More and more people are showing interest to join the page since its launch on March 27, as a result of which people joining the page have stood at almost 7000.

On behalf of the generous people, recently Ahmed Javed has provided financial assistance to 20 people who used to do printing before being jobless.

Earlier, using the page, Abu Yusuf who belongs to Biman Bangladesh Airlines received approximately 700 PPEs (Personal Protective Equipment) for members of the company’s traffic department from different donors.

Later, Abu Yusuf expressed gratitude to all connected with the page including its creator Ahmed Javed.

“The way the group is working for the people of all classes across the country during the ongoing shutdown, it can be said without any doubt that it’s a noble initiative. I feel proud of being involved in this,” Abu Yusuf said.

Songjog gave away PPEs among 3000 health workers and these activities are still going on. Besides health workers, police personnel, volunteers and those engaged in the burial of corona patients were provided with the PPEs.

Under the direct supervision of donors, Songjog is running food distribution programs in some places. Moreover, among the teachers of the schools deprived of MPO facility, Songjog is distributing cash and food aid. In this regard, people concerned with Songjog made a list of 500 teachers and have already provided assistance to 350 of them till now.

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