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Sourcing of cotton could be difficult from Uzbekistan

The local textile and yarn producers may look for alternative sources for cotton in Uzbekistan, which supplies most of the cotton used in Bangladesh, does not stop using child labor in cotton production, said owners of some textile production plants.

Some world famous retail buying houses of textile and garment products operating in Bangladesh said that they would not buy the local products if those were produced using Uzbek cotton, as recently an embargo has been slapped on the Uzbekistan cotton due to the child labor.

Bangladesh uses more than 60 percent raw cotton of Uzbekistan because that country can supply quality cotton at affordable price. Cotton is now selling at US$0.74 – US$ 0.78 per pound compared with US$ 0.59 only five months back.

Concerned personnel from Textile and Garments said that the matter is still at preliminary stage, if Uzbek government can address the issue on time, there will be no problem for sourcing cotton from that country. The probable alternative source for Bangladesh might be USA, West Africa, Turkmenistan and some Commonwealth Independent States (CIS).

Local textile and yarn producers have already talked with the leaders of Uzbekistan trade bodies about the situation.

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