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South West Composite steps to make functional fabrics and protective gears

South West Composite Ltd–the state of art vertically integrated company has the facilities of Knitting, dyeing and sewing–has come up and transformed itself to manufacture protective gears in this Corona pandemic situation.

Figure 1: This anti-viral fabric is can absorb any droplet or any micro substances of air within a microsecond.

“Wearing a face mask is very important to prevent infection from COVID-19. We have taken up the task of manufacturing mask at low cost to save world population according to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) guidelines,’’ said a company official. In a short period of time, South West is able to produce quality fabrics to manufacture masks.

South West protective fabric manufacturing features include:

  1. Highly absorbent so it can absorb any droplet or any micro substances of air within a microsecond
  2. Anti-microbial finish (silver technology) which will destroy any bacterial microorganism within a moment
  3. Imbibed with wicking finish (as per buyer requirements) that will remove bad smell and picking air content (virus or bacterial substances within a microsecond)
  4. The fabric made mask is washable and reusable

“It is mentionable that as per dosing of special finishing chemical its anti-viral or bacterial properties will be sustained. We have produced 200 -800 ppm product that will be fight against anti-virus or bacteria up to 2-5 wash technically,” said Md. Nuruzzaman, Deputy General Manager.

The company so far produced and delivered successfully more than a total of 800000 meters of fabrics to USA, France and Australia by which 180,00000 masks have been made.

Figure 2: South West Composite produced and delivered successfully more than a total of 800000 meters of fabrics to the USA, France and Australia by which 18,000,000 masks have been made.

Future business plan

As a major mask-producing country, China makes around 50 percent of the world’s masks. However, the current outbreak has increased public demand and placed great pressure on the supply end. Buyers have been urging related enterprises to resume production and coordinate the supply of raw materials and key components in an effort to ensure the stable supply of medical equipment.

Some domestic producers are short-sighted and only pursuing profits amid those events instead of thinking about how to make good face masks in the long run. The world’s daily demand for masks is increasing but suppliers are still yet to produce on-demand.

“If we can capture the market in the fastest time then we can make more profit in this sector. We are continuing our research to create new products,” said the company official.

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