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SPGPrints offers one stop technology solutions for Digital and Rotary printing sector

Founded as a part of Stork in 1947, SPGPrints becomes a unique printing solution provider around the world. Unique rotary screen-printing technique quickly enabled them to move beyond textile printing and offer new solutions for labels, wall coverings, floorings and more. They are now providing from rotary printing to digital printing solutions. Continuous product innovation has brought them over 300 patents. SPGPrints has business activities in more than 100 countries. Benevolent Textile Services is the exclusive agent of SPGPrints B.V- the Netherlands in Bangladesh.

SPG prints
Figure1: Engr.Shafiqur Rahman (President, ITET and Managing Director, Hams Group) handover the crests to Jos Notermans and Ronald Meuffels of SPGPrints.

Recently a technical seminar on ‘All You Need in Printing’ held in the capital organized by SPGPrints B.V- the Netherlands. Engr. Mohammad Mozaffar Hossain MP, Engr. Md. Shafiqur Rahman, President, ITET along with many experts and professionals from the printing sector were present at the seminar.

Ashraful Alam, Managing Director; Alamgir Rahman, CEO; Fahim R. Chowdhury, Vice President (Sales) and Rakibul Islam, Asst. Manager, Technical and Marketing of Benevolent Textile Services successfully coordinated the seminar.

SPGPrints B.V
Figure2: Distinguish guest from Printing sector were present at the seminar

Bangladesh has a huge possibility in the printing sector in the coming days. Right now, Bangladesh is producing 1% digital printing and 8% screen printing of global demand. The keynote speakers showed how SPGPrints could give one-stop solutions to the manufacturers from machinery, print head, and screens to inks.

Jos Notermans, Manager, Digital Textile Printing; Ronald Meuffels, Sr. Area Sales Manager, Rotary Textile Printing and Nitin Gavade, Sales Manager took three technical sessions where they showed the real scenario of printing industry, demands of printing, worldwide market share, why manufacturers should use digital printing or screen printing or others, revolutionary technology solutions of SPGPrints, feasibility of using SPGPrints inks, etc. so that one can take decision easily.

Nebula Reactive HD inks

JAVELIN digital printing machine

The JAVELIN offers unsurpassed quality and value. Using Archer technology, it can print fine lines as well as crisp geometric designs, uniform blotches and smooth half-tones. Some features of JAVELIN is given-

  • Printing width 1850mm – 3200mm
  • Maximum speed 6 m/min, cruising speed 2,2 – 3,3 m/min
  • 6 colors available
  • Print head technology- SPGPrints Archer technology with 36 FUJIFILM Dimatix print heads
  • Print head gap 3-4 mm (above fabric surface)
  • Inks- Reactive, Direct Sublimation, Acid, Disperse
  • Environment condition- 20-25 degree Celsius, etc.

Javelin PH

PIKE- single pass digital inkjet printing machine

SPGPrints sets a new benchmark for image quality, uptime and design flexibility by introducing this digital printing machine. PIKE redefines the digital textile printing landscape and opens up new creative possibilities for printing blotches, fine lines, geometric designs and intense colors. The combination of the Archer print bar with PIKE inks offers an image quality that no other digital printer can match.


The seminar also discussed on printing screen technology and printing inks in brief. No matter which print head is used, SPGPrints’ inks are specially formulated to deliver optimum performance and unattended printing.

Engg. Shafiqur Rahman said Bangladesh textile industry is passing a hard time due to gas and electricity price hike, new wage board, etc. so hopefully SPGPrints will give us some economical technology solutions in the coming days.

What we produce, most of them goes to EU countries and we use EU machinery to produce them. So, if the EU machine price is high then I think we also should get a bit more price from the EU buyers, he concluded.

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