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SQ Group celebrates annual mega event ‘Agrajatra 2019’

The annual mega event of SQ Group ‘Agrajatra 2019’ or – ‘Moving Forward 2019’ – held at SQ Station on 7 February with the participation of more than 13000 employees from different manufacturing units of the Group.

SQ Group 'Agrajatra 2019'
Figure 1: The annual mega event of SQ Group ‘Agrajatra 2019’ held at SQ Station on 7 February 2019.

Main objectives of this program were to keep motivated the people of SQ, celebrate their success stories and recognize the contribution and hard works that go behind it. All of the managerial persons of SQ Group were also present in the program.

Warisul Abid, Chief People Officer, delivered the opening speech where he shared the vision and the future way of the journey of the company in the upcoming days.

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Production operators and others associated with garments manufacturing actively participated and performed in the event. Actually, it was a festival for sharing happiness and laughter as the attendees clad in colorful clothes celebrating the spirit of unity throughout the day.

People were busy with many cultural activities and one of the unique segments was the fashion show. SQ’s in-house fashion designers and product development team worked together to come up with a unique theme. The fashion show exhibited SQ’s commitment towards its people to improve their lifestyle through unique initiatives.

SQ Group celebrate Agrajatra 2019
Figure 2: More than 13000 employees from different manufacturing units of the Group attended the program.

The main highlight of the event was the ‘Award Ceremony’ which recognized the ‘Talent Child of the Associates’, ‘Employee of the Year’ and the ‘Long Service Award’. They awarded two employees who served 25 years with the company.

SQ Group aspires to be a people-centric apparel manufacturing company. Behind its sustainable growth lies the achievement of its people’s objectives, and Agrajatra is a bold demonstration of that objective.

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