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SR Chemical starts production

SR Chemical has recently started its commercial production in its chemical manufacturing plant in Bogura. The biggest of its kind in the northern region of Bangladesh, at an investment of Tk 850 crore.

Figure 1: A view of SR Chemical’s plant in Bogura’s Sherpur upazila. Courtesy: Collected

Golam Mohammad Siraj, Chairman of SR Group inaugurated the heavy industry at Sherpur Upazila in Bogura district.

On the first day of its production, 107 tons of caustic soda flakes were sent to seven companies.

The factory will produce 7 types of chemicals – including caustic soda, bleaching fine and bleaching powder – used in paper and textile industries.

Apart from fulfilling the local demand, SR Group will export chemicals worth around Tk 60 crore every year.

Asif Rabbani, Managing Director of SR Group, said the launch of the company would save Tk 200 crore in foreign exchange every year.

Rabbani adding that, half of the products will be exported to South Asian countries.

It has a sales contract with bleaching fine technology partner Dezhou Chemtics of China, which will buy at least 50 percent of the bleaching fine product.

Figure 2: A man works inside a laboratory of the factory. Courtesy: Collected 

About 60 percent of the fund came from Islami Bank Bangladesh and the rest from SR Group’s coffer.

The plant will create jobs for 1,000 people. It has already recruited 800 people, including technicians, engineers and workers, said Md Rayhan Ferdoush, Head of Production.

During a feasibility study, SR Chemical found that there is a demand for more than Tk 500 crore to Tk 600 crore worth of chemicals in the domestic market.

To address environmental issues, the company is using Japanese Asahi technology and the plant has been built by BCMC, a part of ChemChina, a Chinese company known globally for its green technologies, said Rabbani.

Rabbani told, “We are running a zero-liquid discharge ETP [effluent treatment plant] following the environmental guideline. The plant is being controlled by an auto machine unit and there are 67 sensors. If leakage occurs, the whole plant will be shut down within seconds.”

The plant has secured environmental clearance from the Department of Environment (DoE).

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