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Stäubli offers innovative weaving technology for advanced technical fabrics

Stäubli has continued its efforts in research and development to extend its product range. For several years Stäubli has offered textile machinery dedicated to the production of technical textiles.

MAGMA T12 warp tying machine
Figure 1: MAGMA T12 warp tying machine.

Magma T12 warp tying machine for an optimized workflow

The MAGMA T12 ties monofilaments, coarse multi-filaments, PP ribbons, bast fibers, coarse staple fibers, and many other fiber types. It has been developed for universal application ranging from coarse technical yarns to the medium yarn-count range including an optical double-end detection system.


TF weaving system (configuration example)
Figure 2: TF weaving system (configuration example).

TF weaving system for sophisticated reinforcing fabrics

The Stäubli TF system offers a wide range of weaving possibilities, whether for flat, spacer, or complex multi-layer fabrics and 3D fabrics with fulfilling the stiffness, impregnation capacity, drapability, or fail-safe-behavior requirements. The TF weaving system in combination with the double-rapier weft insertion system and a special slaying motion allows high-volume production of up to very thick and/or dense fabrics and efficient processing of a wide variety of technical and highly sensitive yarns, such as glass fiber, carbon, Kevlar, or similar.

Stäubli machinery provides high stroke forces and precision for airbag weaving

Stäubli also contributes in shedding solutions for airbag weaving, traditional airbags woven on frame weaving machines, and OPW (one-piece-woven) airbags produced on modern Jacquard weaving machines. Airbag fabrics demand important stroke forces during weaving. The solid construction of the latest generation S3000/S3200 electronic rotary dobbies provides the basis in frame weaving for supporting these forces while running reliably at high speeds day in and day out, offering important longevity.

The weaver’s requirements are to produce more first-class fabric while staying competitive. Using the SAFIR automatic drawing-in installations, equipped with active warp control features such as optical recognition of double ends and color/yarn type repeat management, allows the weavers to meet these strict requirements. These very efficient machines allow the distribution of each warp end according to the repeat in the drop wires, healds, and a reed in one cycle.

For the production of OPW airbags, Stäubli develops the LX Jacquard machine Series. The features of these machines are perfectly balanced cinematics, a coaxial drive shaft, and an optimized internal airflow as well as optimum sized chassis. These features ensure clean interiors, the controlled temperature in the machinery housing, the support of beams and bearings and make the Series handle great payloads and precise operating at highest production speeds. For a perfect link between machine and harness the MX module, centerpiece of the Jacquard machine plays its major role. The latest models in the LX Series, the LXL, and LXXL are specifically developed for large-sized designs and can be equipped in a format range of 6,144 to 25,600 hooks. By combining two LXXL machines, formats up to 51,200 can be achieved.

LXL electronic Jacquard machine
Figure 3: LXL electronic Jacquard machine.

Binding technology for high-end synthetic grass

Stäubli introduces a diversified product range with its ALPHA 500 Series carpet weaving systems for any kind of rug or wall-to-wall carpet. This Stäubli binding technology allows the optimum orientation of the piles for a wide public, ranging from major league sports facilities suppliers to public services and garden centers.

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