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Stäubli solutions for every woven application, shown at ITMA ASIA 2018

At ITMA Asia CITME 2018 Stäubli has displayed its expanded range of products that are perfectly aligned with market needs. The company has been a leading supplier of the weaving industry for over a century. Today, Stäubli solutions allow mills to optimize their weaving processes for greater efficiency and profitability.

This year in ITMA ASIA 2018, Stabuli presented innovations which addressed key concerns of mills such as the flexibility to adapt to quickly changing trends, consistent high-quality output, and high-speed, reliable performance for maximum cost-effectiveness.

Stäubli’s extensive range of products and solutions includes:

  • Shedding solutions for frame weaving (cam motions, dobbies)
  • Electronic jacquard machines with harnesses, in formats for every woven application
  • Weaving preparation solutions for mastering warp preparation and warp tying
  • Weaving systems for carpeting and technical textiles
  • Deimo automation solutions for sock knitting
Easy-to-integrate automation solutions for weaving preparation
BEAMPRO automatic reading-in machine
Figure 1: BEAMPRO automatic reading-in machine.

BEAMPRO reading in machine for warp beam preparation

Being unveiled for the first time at ITMA Asia 2018, this machine is used at the sizing machine for automatically sorting colored warp layers. It reads in cotton, blended cotton, or staple fiber yarns into the comb in precise accordance with the color repeat of the warps and achieves an unprecedented level of quality. Warps assembled with the BEAMPRO reading-in machine display perfectly ordered yarns, free from crossed ends and color repeat defects. With its reading-in speed of 500 yarns per minute, the machine drastically reduces idle time of the sizing machine during style changes. Which increases mills profitability with higher productivity and better quality all the way through the weaving process.

SAFIR S30 drawing-in machine for high-density filament warps

The SAFIR S30 model is designed especially for filament yarns and is now available featuring a new 16 frame/rod capacity. It perfectly suits the needs of water-jet weavers and it is ideal for high-density warps with fine filament yarns. Like all SAFIR machines, it features Active Warp Control technologies such as double-end detection and colour repeat detection and management.

Shedding solutions for every type of application
 S2678 electronic rotary dobby top mounted
Figure 2: S2678 electronic rotary dobby top mounted.

High-speed rotary dobbies and cam motions for water-jet applications

Stäublis’ renowned S3061 and S3062 electronic rotary dobbies for water-jet applications feature the exclusive Stäubli locking system for enhanced security and precise selection of heald frames, and they are prized for their reliable operation and long service life. They are ideally suited for weaving patterned fabrics.

The refined S2600 series of rotary dobbies for water-jet applications has just been expanded with the launch of the 2658 and S2678 rotary dobbies. These use the cutting-edge Stäubli rotation principle with which the heald frames have absolutely zero backlash at any operating load or speed.

All of Stäubli’s rotary dobbies for water-jet applications are now equipped with the new de82/de83 harness motion. The reinforced drive and structure of these harness motions is the key to handling heavy loads and forces during weaving. With balanced kinematics and a patented, sealed roller bearing system, these new transmissions optimize overall machine behavior and reduce maintenance requirements.

Flexibility in Jacquard weaving: large-format Stäubli machines

Always aiming to offer customers what they truly need to remain competitive in today’s market, Stäubli offers a range of Jacquard machines for weaving the fabrics that today’s fashion trends demand, with an emphasis on personal identity and creativity.

LX/LXL/LXXL Jacquard machines for exquisite and large fabrics

The LX series has dual coaxial shafts controlled by complementary cams make for very finely balanced kinematics, ensuring precise shed geometry and absolutely vibration-free operation.

LXXL electronic Jacquard machine
Figure 3: LXXL electronic Jacquard machine.

The series now boasts three models, available in formats up to 25,600 hooks:

  • The LX, the original model, a reliable workhorse producing high-quality fabrics for versatile and demanding applications (format up to 6,144 hooks).
  • The LXL is available in formats up to 16,384 hooks. Launched two years ago, it produces excellent results in the form of terry cloth, silk fabric, shirting, and much more.
  • The LXXL is the latest model in the series. Sized up to 25,600 hooks, it is designed for very high-density fabrics and very large weaving widths. Two machines in tandem allow a format of up to 51,200 hooks, allowing the production of very large designs in line with current trends.

Narrow fabrics for enhancing individuality

The CX 172 and the UNIVALETTE electronic Jacquard machines allow weavers to add value to their woven fabrics in a high-class way.

Complete weaving systems for carpeting and technical fabrics

Low pile carpets woven on ALPHA 500 Series
Figure 4: Low pile carpets woven on ALPHA 500 Series.

Stäubli’s Schönherr ALPHA 500 carpet weaving series allows weaving widths up to 5.3 m. These proven and extremely flexible systems enable weavers to optimize their production of high-quality carpets of all sorts. From extra-high-density rugs with traditional patterns to ultra-modern designer carpets, low- and high-pile rugs, wall-to-wall applications for the contract and transport sectors, and artificial turf for modern sports facilities.

TF weaving system for technical weaves

Producing carbon and aramid weaves for lightweight construction, heavy multilayers, or spacer fabrics require gentle yarn treatment, heavy stroke forces, and machinery that allows individual design options. The TF weaving system offers this and can be spec-built to the technical textile mill’s needs. Yarn supply, weft insertion, shed formation, and take up can all be fine-tuned to the requirements of the specific application.

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