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Another STB Black Belt achievement in sustainability in garments washing and dyeing

S.M. Tanvir Alam a graduate of Daffodil International University, currently working in Blue Creations ltd. – a concern of Sterling Group – has achieved Setting Transformation Blueprint (STB) Black Belt through his 4 months’ intensive journey of 128 hours of factory skill development training in 8 different courses and 128 hours of practical project on ‘Reducing rewash percentage in denim washing through maintaining proper blanket process and automation.’

S.M.-Tanvir Alam-STB-Black-Belt-sustainability
Figure: S.M. Tanvir Alam (middle) receiving the STB Black Belt certificate.

Project Leader Engr. Md. Nasir Ullah, Country Manager, Officina +39; Ex. Head of Washing Denimach Washing Ltd.; Md. Eousup Novee, GM-HR & Strategy of Textile Today; Sanjoy Kumar Saha, Sr. Manager, Factory Engagement & Sub Editor, Textile Today; Abu Hasnat, Innovation Projects Manager, Textile Today handed over the certificate of STB Black Belt to S. M. Tanvir Alam at the Textile Today premises.

Md. Rajan Ahmed, General Manager, Blue Creations ltd. was the Industry Supervisor of this project.

Engr. Md. Nasir Ullah said, “There are some grey areas in industry where we have scopes to develop continuously. I recommended Tanvir to work on some grey areas and bring out solution statements where the industry can focus and run more efficiently. This project made Tanvir more confident and at the same time factory got benefitted.”

Sanjoy Kumar Saha commented, “It is just a beginning, Tanvir should continue his learning and Textile Today will always be on his side to support him”

Tanvir expressed “I didn’t start my career as a fresher, started with the knowledge and experience of this project which boosted up my career.”

Tanvir’s project is on reducing the high rewash percentage of denim which is one of the most common glitches in the industry and automation of the washing process.

In this project, a common but highly effective way of minimizing the rewash percentage in denim washing is described by following the blanket method and automation.

In concern of sustainability and profit margin, these methods may be the alternative to the conventional method.

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