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What stops women to build careers in RMG sector?

Bangladesh is a country of opportunities where people have visionary focuses. Our RMG industry is a big example of this which is run by a large number of women workers.

Figure: Women are contributing to moving the wheel of the economy in many sectors.

Women are contributing to moving the wheel of the economy in many sectors. Today I will speak only about the women in Bangladesh who are creating history every day. There was a time when women were not allowed to drive! Even Saudi Arabia allowed women drivers from 2018! But Bangladesh allowed women drivers many years back, and now companies are hiring women drivers! Which is a great example of changing the mindset.

The people of Bangladesh are ready to accept the newness with an open mind. Even though the country’s biggest RMG sector is not ready to encourage women’s contribution at mid to high level, the industry runs by a maximum number of women workers. The brighter side of this, women got support to break the barrier of society to put their footprint in the industry.  So, this is just a matter of time to see more women in the leading positions in this sector. Still, the darkness of illiteracy in the country is not completely diminished, but the encouraging side is even with this maximum illiterate population, Bangladesh managed to empower women leaders.

Therefore, to see more women in the leading position we need to give more focus on the environment and security process. Women are ready to work in every sector of this industry. They are preparing themselves with textile education. Interestingly, we are having 6 colleges where only women are passing out with textile degrees. The approximate number of passing out every year from the textile subject is around 1000, if we take all the textile colleges and universities together. Even though the industry is still having a crisis of women leaders.

Author: Sabrina Sharmeen.

The reason not to have many women in the leadership positions in this industry lacks security and a proper working environment. Women always need proper environmental support with safety and security. The industry should have a strong monitoring system with a penalty for the bully and workplace harassment.

At the same time, women need to prepare the next generation who will be the future backbone of the country. So, it is important to ensure 6 months of paid maternity leave along with a daycare center. There is a child daycare center for women workers inside the factory, but it is also equally important for mid to top-level women.

A few years ago, news took everyone’s attention that ‘Australian politician becomes first to breastfeed in parliament’. Women cannot avoid their responsibilities even at work. So, the industry needs to understand that women have dual responsibilities, which cannot be skipped. Women bring light to society by driving the next generation.

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