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Stratasys plans additional strategic investment in Xaar 3D Ltd

Stratasys to increase ownership in Xaar 3D from 15% to 45% with option to fully acquire

Xaar, a world leader in industrial inkjet technology, announces that Stratasys, has entered into an agreement to purchase shares of Xaar 3D Ltd that will increase Stratasys’s stake in Xaar 3D from 15 to 45%, says a recent press release.

Stratasys investment in Xaar 3D
Courtesy: www.xaar.com

With Xaar plc, through its fully owned subsidiary, Xaar 3D Holdings, having the remaining 55%.

In addition, the agreement includes an option for Stratasys to acquire the remaining shares of Xaar 3D. The transaction is subject to Xaar plc shareholder approval.

The strategic investment by Stratasys is intended to enable Xaar 3D to accelerate the development of its additive manufacturing solutions based on high-speed sintering technology.

These solutions are designed for end-use parts applications in low-to-medium production volumes, primarily in the industrial segment.

Xaar plc and Stratasys announced the formation of Xaar 3D Ltd in July 2018. The purpose of the joint investment is to develop high-speed sintering additive manufacturing solutions for Stratasys to bring to market.

“Xaar 3D Ltd has great potential and we look forward to continuing to work with Stratasys to develop its full potential in this deeper relationship.”

Doug Edwards, Chief Executive Officer, Xaar plc

“Xaar 3D Ltd has great potential and we look forward to continuing to work with Stratasys to develop its full potential in this deeper relationship. I am pleased that this transaction will create good value for Xaar shareholders and unlocks the ability for more significant value in due course,” said Doug Edwards, Chief Executive Officer, Xaar plc.

“Xaar 3D has made significant progress over the past year and we see benefits to Stratasys in extending its investment in Xaar 3D’s innovative high-speed sintering based solutions,” said Omer Krieger, EVP Products.

He also said, “We look forward to continue developing the technology together with Xaar and believe the combined expertise of both parties will lead to exploitation of the technology’s promising potential.”

“This continues our company’s strategy of complementing our own robust R&D efforts with partnerships and investments in other innovative companies to develop new capabilities and products that create new value to our customers,” Omer further added.

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