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Spinning Sustainability

How does Suessen EliTe compact ensure sustainability?

Suessen EliTe compact is a step in the right direction to ensure sustainability through higher tenacity, less wastage etc.

Abdul Wadud, CEO & Management Consultant, TRANSFORM

Sustainability has become a ‘fashionable’ word, but I think there are some real concerns for us, both as entrepreneurs and as responsible human beings. In well-fed Europe and to a lesser extent in the equally well-fed USA, consumers care about this. If we can say our products were produced in a sustainable manner, this is certainly a sales argument in Europe.

SpcialProgress Index Vs Energy per country

Energy consumption statistics of different countries

All of us have traveled in Asia and also in Europe. We all want the people of India, Bangladesh, and many other places to have a standard of living like their European or American counterparts.

A few figures show what I mean (they are from 2013, in units/capita/year). I only picked ‘warm’ countries, as in cold countries we need more energy for the same level of comfort.

Bangladesh                 2,515 units/capita/year

Indonesia                     9,900 units/capita/ year

Thailand                      23,180 units/capita/year

Singapore                    56,370 units/capita/year

(USA                           81,290 units/capita/year,

Germany                     45,105 Units/capita/year)

It seems obvious, that today the energy consumption increases strongly with the standard of living. It is also obvious that we simply do not have enough energy to raise everybody’s standard of living by conventional means.

The EliTe®Compact Spinning System is designed to meet even the most challenging demands that high-end spinning mills make on a compact spinning system.

Sustainability is achieved most easily if it also makes economic sense. In Germany, gasoline has been taxed very heavily for years. This is why German cars use less gasoline with similar or better performance than American cars. German engineers are not smarter than their US counterparts are – they were simply forced by customers to think about this harder.

Suessen EliTe compact
Figure: Suessen EliTe compact spinning m/c installed in a Bangladesh factory.

How Suessen EliTe compact contributing in sustainability

Now, I am certainly not arrogant or stupid enough to claim that with our Suessen EliTe compact we can save the world! All I want to show is that the Suessen EliTe compact is a small step in the right direction.

  • Depending on spindle speed, your RSM uses about 40–50 W/spindle. With EliTe we are adding 4–5 W/spindle, say 10%. At least with hosiery yarn, we get 15% higher production, so the UKG are actually lower.
  • Why do you need 40–50 W to drive a spindle? The biggest ‘consumers’ are the cops which need to be rotated at 20,000 rpm and the yarn balloon which rotates at virtually the same speed. The air friction is the culprit! (This is why every 10–15 years one seems ‘vacuum spinning’ at some ITMA, developed by some institute. Unfortunately, these things do not work.)I think it is plausible, that less hairy cops and a less hairy balloon reduce this friction and measurements, as well as theory (Soliman’s formula), bear it out. This reduction may be similar or more, depending on the spindle speed than what is added by compact suction.
    • EliTe compact gives higher tenacity. This means, that lower grade cotton/organic cotton may be used for applications where previously this was not possible. Lower grade cotton/organic cotton need less water and less fertilizer, again a right step towards sustainability.
    • A shed full of EliTe spindles has much less fluff and fly in the ambient air compared to a conventional mill. This has several advantages-
  1. A healthier environment for the workers, a positive effect by itself.
  2. Less cleaning of the A/C filters may be required, a cost-saving and presumably energy saving.
  3. Less waste is created, definitely a step towards sustainability.

As you see, none of these points, not even combined, will save the world. However, these are small steps in the right direction.

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