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Supreme quality and special printing techniques makes Utah Group unparalleled

As the fast fashion industry dramatically changes, buyers have changed their order patterns. With competition in the region and beyond, Bangladesh is required, now more than ever, to add value to its products within short lead time.

In the past manufacturers did not need to have different product manufacturing facilities, nor were high value-added products sourced from Bangladesh—but the market has evolved and value-added expertise is a necessity to sustain in today’s competitive business.

Utah Group factory
Figure 1: Utah Group is one of the leading textile & apparel business conglomerates in Bangladesh.

Utah Group has more than 36 years of business experience in the textile industry. They offer design to finish solutions, boasting a unique one-stop-shop model in producing knits, woven, and denim.

In 2019 Utah Group entered the world of Rotary and Digital Printing. Now they have arguably the finest printing house in Bangladesh, with state-of-the-art Italian technologies.

They have set a benchmark of quality and now Utah is also known in the industry for their superior printing abilities. Their printing is aided by their complete vertical knit setup, where Utah offers various knit fabrics including synthetics.

Utah Group Reggiani rotary printer
Figure 2: Utah’s Reggiani rotary printer can do up-to 14 colors.

Quality is the key of success in printing
Utah’s philosophy is that the process should be perfect from the start, where quality is the key point of printing—which is ensured by following a Total Quality Management System (TQMS) from raw materials to the final printed textiles.

While most factories use an 8-12 color rotary printing machine, Utah Group has 14 color rotary printing machines from EFI Reggiani. They have a digital printer with 32 heads, offering thousands of different colors in a single print.

“Utah Group’s mission is to empower and train all employees to be leaders in decision making and sustainable practices. We believe that it is the sum of the individuals which creates the true value of a business and that it can only be achieved through Kaizen philosophies of continuous improvement.”

Asad Sattar, Executive Director of Utah Group

They also have finest engraving machine from SPG, and other machinery from Chocran, Stork, Brookner, Lafer, and Salvade. Furthermore, Utah also has a large capacity for fabric finishing.

How Utah Group maintaining the quality

Textile Today Factory Tales team visited the Utah Group’s printing factory recently to dig out their real success story. How Utah Group maintains the highest quality standards are detailed below:

1. Design: For a quality printed fabric, the design is the foremost priority Utah Group believes in and they have an experienced design team. They believe that design should aim to utilize the machine’s strength.

Utah Group design section
Figure 3: Good design is the first criterion to achieve desired quality in printing.

2. Technology: Utah is able to offer the latest EFI Reggiani technologies in All-Over Rotary and Digital Prints. Reactive, Pigment, Discharge, Glitter, Brasso, and Burnout are available, while special prints are accommodated based on clients’ needs.

3. Component materials: Mesh selection is a vital component that people often ignore and thus face problems. The better the mesh fabric, the better the color vibrancy. The choice of screen is also a major important component for printing. Utah Group is sourcing the best screens, and are well versed in using them correctly.

Utah Group all over-digital print machine
Figure 4: Utah Group has the latest technologies in all-over and digital prints.

4. Dyes & chemical management: Utah Group uses all bluesign® and ZDHC approved chemicals to ensure a premium printing quality. They also use a semi-automatic dispensing system and their total chemical management system is very transparent.

Utah Group chemical management
Figure 5: Utah Group maintains the strictest standards of chemical management.

5. 3rd party check: Utah Group checks every batch from a third party (SGS) to ensure their product quality. If the customer manages the fabric, Utah checks all the parameters of fabric in their new in-house laboratory.

Utah Group can print both knit and woven fabrics; cellulosic and synthetic. They are able to achieve sensational hand feel and quality even when printing on pigment.  Utah is specialists in reactive prints, particularly on fancy fabrics such as Viscose, producing quality and hand feel far superior to their competitors.

Asad Sattar, Utah Group
Figure 6: Asad Sattar, Executive Director of Utah Group.

Special printing techniques

Utah Group has many unique and special printing techniques that have already made them very popular. Utah has perfected a technique where critical designs that traditionally need at least 4 screens, are achieved with just one screen, saving money, time, and effort.

They also can do photo print effects by rotary printing which traditionally do digitally. They also do glitter printing on a rotary printing machine which is usually done through screen printing.

“Utah Group’s mission is to empower and train all employees to be leaders in decision making and sustainable practices. We believe that it is the sum of the individuals which creates the true value of a business and that it can only be achieved through Kaizen philosophies of continuous improvement,” Asad Sattar, Executive Director of Utah Group concluded.

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